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Can we make Crows from etteras blessing into an actual companion skill?

So in the Latest patch, The devs decided to put a cap on crows, and the changes feel really bad. It was already hard enough to proc crows consistently, and I had to use a round about way skill interaction to make the effect work.
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As you can see I had to clunkily use a skill interaction to make a fun build out of it.
Is it possible that you devs can make a new companion skill called “Summon Crows” for primalist, instead of clunkily tacking it on to another skill (etteras blessing)?


I was strongly wanting to make an item for this build, but having 6 crows, and wasting points to struggle to get the crows to work properly has lost my motivation to play a crow build, as I was the first person to discover a way to use it semi effectively. Please in the future Make this an actual companion skill, in a way similar to how you have designed “Summon Scorpion” which gets baby scorpions to summon within its tree, with it’s own unique design spin.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and possibly consider my feedback, and request.


Hey Buddy!
I feel sorry for you! You discovered a broken mechanic and made it work for you somehow. Now it got “fixed” and this screwed your absolutely unique build.

I wish you luck with your attempt to give the crows some love :wink:

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I am fine with them being temporary if the were more reliable to use and stronger. The way it seems it is intended to proc them is not reliable at all so it feel like I have to do a lot of work to use a skill that is not great.

I am not trying to bash on crow. quite the opposite I would like to have a murder of crows running around and be viable

Right on point, it doesn’t feel good to use them at all, and there’s no rewarding benefit to even build for that part of the skill, the way it is currently, and the way it was when in the past, since the skill tree, (ettera’s blessing) was added.

  • Low percent Node chance to summon, and only summons from a minion when they are close to death.

  • Additional low percent Node chance to summon them from any minion health heal is also not good.

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I remember reading the patch notes and going “Why the hell would they nerf that one skill no one uses that one guy figured out how to make fun with that really creative use of like 4 other skills?”

I fully support the OP here. The hope for crows is that the nerf was necessary due to some new item or idol or something. The hope for all players is that this is not the start of an endless cycle of random nerfs and buffs which Path of Exile is stuck in.

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Agree they need to be changed to be usefull

The only way i see them “usefull” now are :

  1. In later Arena where your pets gets low on life. The problem with this is at that point mobs do so much damage that when you finally spawn them they die instantly
  2. With bees from Keepers idols they can be spawned regularly, and actually can be quite usefull in Monoliths, but then again Keepers idols are extremely hard to find and many people that only play a little might never find them. In arena this wont really work either as bees die instantly so theres not much chance to spawn crows from them there.

A few ways i would like to see them changed were :

  1. As Bankaikiller proposed, make them similar to baby scorpions or as an actual companion skill.
  2. Maybe make the bear companion able to spawn them when hit, or on attack
  3. Keep them as they are now, but make them tanky, longer lasting and be able to aggro in a wide area, so they can actually save you and you “real” pets when theyre low on life
  4. Make them able to spawn from pets that are below 75% health, and make them cost less points in eterras blessing


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