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Can we get a colorblind option please?

Hello all.

Wondering if we could get colorblind options in game. I cannot see half of aoes / ranged attacks, and even some mobs depending on what the map is. A small, but big request.

Thanks :smile:

In my opinion, it is an important thing ! 5 Friends of mine are actually colorblind - so YES that would be really cool !


I was absolutely about to ask the same question.

Since i suffer from achromatopsia a GOOD colorblind mode is basically mandatory for me to play the game. Thats why its not possible for me to play PoE since they STILL didnt manage to get any kind of colorblind mode involved in the game… Even tho there are so many people asking for it.

Some of the things i would have to change the color of would be health bars, some kind of aoe indications and item/quest texts. Names and descriptions of legendary items arent readable for me.

Please make a colorblind mode happen. Im so sick of still not beeing able to play certain games due to a handicap barrier in 2019.

If there are any questions, suggestions or help required please contact me. I would love to help create a working colorblind mode. I offered the same to GGG but they seem to keep ignoring their handicapped players

I agree with the frustration of being colorblind.
And i’m lucky, my colorblindness isn’t that severe and i can do without and this might be based on a lack of acknowledgement on just how annoying it may be for those who have a colorblindness at a far more severe degree, but i believe that colorblind color scheme is a nice to have feature at the moment and not something that makes or breaks the game.

Will i appreciate the implementation of colorblind mode, certainly.
Do i think it has to be a development priority right now, not really.

I agree with you. Not currently a high priority for sure. I have pretty severe colorblindness myself. I only made the post to hopefully bring it to developers attention for future implementation. Mainly not a problem on SC, but on modes such as HC it makes it not worth playing ( for me personally ).

We are keenly aware that the UI needs a colorblind mode. You’re right it’s important and we are going to do our best to make the UI functional and fun for as many people as we can. I think we will start working on a colorblind system when the UI is more set. Right now it changes a little bit here and there weekly.

Thats awsome too hear!

Nice! You guys are on top of many things.

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