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Camera Rotate

Whats the chances of ever adding a Rotating camera…i know it’s a tall order and largely depends on how the terrain was build in 3d. But would it ever be possible and is it something that might be implemented in the future. For me personally it is not an essential…but it would be nice.

Chances are slim to none. Devs designed the game/maps around an isometric view, meaning they’ve ignored terrain appearances from other views in order to accelerate development speed.

Guess not then…oh well, not really a big deal…still a great game…

Hey Mega,

This is something that the genre has found time and time again actually takes away from the experience as you end up fiddling with the camera controls more than feels good. Other similar titles have gotten quite far in development with these controls and ultimately have removed them due to player feedback. Very early on we even experimented with it a little just to prove to ourselves what we already knew. Therefore we are unlikely to ever add the ability to rotate the camera.

Hope you’re enjoying the game :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback…and from the game director Judd Cobler himself …am honored and happy to inform you that I am very much enjoying the game!

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