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'Buy Back' Is Coming to Last Epoch!

We’re working on implementing Buy Back! This system is undergoing internal testing, and the expectation is that it will be included in our upcoming content patch, Patch 0.7.6.

So, let’s take a look at how this feature will work in Last Epoch!

Vendors will remember items you have recently sold, up to a maximum of 20 items. Items which are removed from this list through you continuing to sell additional items will be lost forever; buying back more recently sold items will not cause older ones to re-appear.

The Buy Back feature will persist across client restarts, and each of your characters will have their own list of up to 20 items. It will not be necessary to return to the specific vendor you originally sold the item to - and in addition to offering his usual services, Artem the Gambler will offer the Buy Back feature in both End of Time and The Council Chambers.

The list of items eligible for Buy Back will not be presented in any particular order. The price of items eligible for Buy Back will be the amount of gold you received when selling them.

Got any questions or suggestions? Let the responses flow - we’d love to know!

(I’m a poet and I know it.)


Cool! This applies to online characters in future as well? The last 20 items sold to vender will persist so long as no additional items are sold? Even if you have logged out from game for some time?

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Awesome I could have used this last week when i sold a decent triple T4 rare piece I sold by mistake!

Hmm good question. Wouldn’t a completely permanent buy back for online play become quite a large server cost eventually? Millions of characters each storing 20 items in the buyback database would cause unnecessary performance issues and expense. I’d suggest wiping the buyback database upon weekly server maintenance if not significantly more often.

Usually the need to buyback only lasts a few seconds so I don’t see a reason to keep them available permanently in an online environment.

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I couldn’t click the :heart: on this post fast enough.

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I don’t think that server capacity is an issue. Just think of it as 20 additional items in your inventory.

SWEET, I can be a little lazy and just use vendors for extra storage space!

If 20 items in buyback cause server issues what does 500 items in everyone’s stash cause? Is that why we always crashing?? Lol server will be just fine

True, but ironically most the performance issues has been revolved around the stash, until it was squashed out entirely 3 patches ago, but for the longest time up till a little bit of beta, the loading of game was slow and you had 10fps unless you quickly ran to your stash, open it and load all your loot quicker, and speed up game and stash loading times for over a year, but yeah poe has 50+ tabs you can fill for loot for every character account, so I don’t see why last epoch cant eventually with engine and performance optimization achieve high inventory space as much as poe or even half as much storage space.

@ you to.

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