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[Build 0.7.8] >>> Necrotic Lich <<< 85% Crit Death Wave

◤ Update 0.7.8f ◢

◤ Overview ◢





◤ Gameplay ◢

◤ Feature ◢

85% Uptime Crit

First hit low Doomcall’s stacks is ~150K on Dummy (High HP)
Last hit full Doomcall’s stacks is ~350K on Dummy (High HP)

Last hit full Doomcall’s stacks is more than ~1.5KK (Low HP)

Damage was done using Mark For Death support

◤ Bonus ◢

Physical Death Wave




Ooooh i have pretty much the same build on my lich.
Besides Doomcall as i went for more AOE size (and i lack the idols)
… but i guess the aoe isn’t really needed

I recommend this build for easy mode monolith farming
Just get glancing blow capped and focus on HP (as you get twice the benefit from Health in this build thanks to reaper form).
I can currently clear 2 monoliths (lvl 20 to 30) one 1 Reaper Form cooldown

PS: unspec’d the increase in AOE size, it is noticable but aoe size is fine as is.
Doomcall is a really nice upgrade to the early tick dmge.

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So do the passive nodes which reduce life draining effects not impact Reaper life decay rate?

Hmmm, i have not tested it… but logicaly it should reduce the drain (depends on how they describe the skill)
The drain keeps scaling up over time.
In my build if i don’t slack off (with choosing a monolith modifier) i can 2 monoliths 30+ before Reaper Form falls off when i return to town.
This does require using potions when entering the new monolith till you reach the first mob.

If life drain reduction doesn’t work, in that cause the idols that have “-4 to -9% reduce dmge taken over time” should affect this.
(can’t test as i don’t have those idols, and too lazy to respec for life drain :blush: ).

I will test the nodes out later. Unless it is a short run, I have to recast Reaper Form one or two times. Skills are 17+, crit spell is only 35% chance, and level 60 (so not the full passive build out). Also, zero reduced dmg over time idols (not sure what level they start to drop).

Limited gear crafting, 33% dodge, 104% GB, and 850HP. Not sure if recasting a couple of times each run is normal for level 60 and gear.

You are stil lacking in dodge you should aim for 50 ~70% dodge (at lvl 100), 100%Glancing Blows and ~+1000 HP. (but increased dodge rating per equipped item with affix is impossible to find for me Q.Q)
Do note that Health is really effective for Reaper Form (as this basicly doubles your HP pool).

Get the Ornate Bone Idols that give ~40- 70% increased dmge while transformed will be fine for your damage.
As suffix these idols can roll Shared Necrotic Damage] (+45%), or transplant cooldown or +300 Necrotic and Poison resistance ones can be usefull aswell (total 600 necrotic and poison resist is… not bad (will probably be ~30% dmge reduction at lvl 100)

Head and Body Armor can roll
Increased Necrotic Damage While Transformed
of the Monstrosity (possible to find starting lvl 45, for a possible Body (110-150)% necrotic increase and Helm (73-100)% necrotic dmge increase.

PICK UP EVERYTHING with these crafting mods (even if it’s just to shatter them to get the shards).
Be prepared to farm (gamble) alot to get enough shards for these (or be really lucky while farming).
The rest of the shards are not that hard to come by.

from idols + chest and helm you can get a max 530% necrotic damage increase while transformed. Another possible 180% necrotic dmge (from idol suffix).
This is a possible 710% necrotic damage increase, which allows you to go full defence on the rest of your gear (besides crit chance).

Once you get decent idols you’ll be able to rush through monoliths upto lvl 30 without paying attention (i’m currently at Monolith 60+ with only having been close to dying once from a near 1-shot, but my char is lvl 100 and i’ve been extremely lucky a while ago with crafting - idols still need work)

PS (cheap damage increases):
At lvl 64+ you can find Profane Hood base (+60% spell damage)
At lvl 62+ Solarum Braces (+40% crit chance)
At lvl 31+ Coven Robes (+40% spell damage)
At lvl 24 Silver Amulet (+35% crit chance)

So your base white items can give 100% spell damage and 75% crit chance increase without any affixes, this can make up for not having the max 250% necrotic dmge increase from crafting, ofcourse these items with perfect craft rolls are the dream :slight_smile: .


Extremely helpful supplemental guide! Any idea when those idols start dropping? At 63 right now, and changed gear to get 60% dodge and 100%GB with 860HP. Was able to make it to level 20 in Monolith until making a mistake (previous capping at 12 or so). The passives seem to make a difference as I am recasting Reaper much less, or just leeching better with level 20 Transplant.

I think the idols will be the next big improvement until I can get a lot more set shards to craft on newer gear. So any insight on when those drop would be appreciated.

Idols are the biggest random in game
To get it you need farm, farm and farm
Again and again

Ornate Idols Minimum Drop Level: 36
But they don’t drop alot and they have a fair amount of possible afixes

helpful link.

oh thank you

@omnitrio omg. OMG I FIND YOU HERE AS WELL! I am so happy to see you man, just joined Last Epoch and already I see a popular post from you. Had to use a different acc name, but it’s Ericberic from that other game we both play.

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Hi. Glad to meet you here

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Why did you go Rip Blood instead of drain? Just curious thanks.

Life Drain can be channeling or cast
Both options slow down gameplay
Rip Blood autocasted by Transplant

So, I’m new to the game and to get into it I decided this was the build/guide I was gonna follow to get my feet wet. And I gotta say, so far so good. I love it. It’s fun.

The question I have is:

I popped Reaper Form into the lvl 34 Skill slot early on because I knew I wasn’t going to get Death Seal for a while and figured the extra stuff from that skill tree would benefit me in the short term. BUT now I just opened up Death Seal and I don’t know if I should take out Reaper Form and pop in Death Seal into the level 34 Skill slot instead.

With that being said though, I am currently level 44 and can’t decide if I should just wait the 5 levels and then throw Death Seal into the 49 slot…

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Oh, also, Reaper Form is currently level 14. Not sure if that plays into the decision or not.


If this was me, I’d just drop Mark for Death and put Death Seal in it’s place so I could have my main damage ability sooner. Reaper form is a bit too valuable to give up (imo). The important parts of Mark for Death can be re-leveled quite quickly when you slot it in again at lvl 49. Also, you can still have it on your bar to apply its base debuff effect until that time.

That all said, 5 levels isn’t that long of a wait so in the end it probably doesn’t matter.

Lastly, just a heads up, the Mark of Death skill is being replaced with a “much better” skill in patch 0.7.9. Some info about this;


hm how exactly is this permapulsing attack done you use there’?