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Bug Reports Appreciated


Hello early testers!

We very much appreciate bug reports as it is hard for us to catch everything all the time with a small team. If you ARE reporting a bug here are some things that help us

  • Be specific in where the bug occurred (check the minimap in the top right for the name of the area)
  • Let us know what you were doing when the bug occurred
  • Let us know if you can make the bug happen again
  • Give us every detail you can muster!
Thank you for your help from the whole Eleventh Hour Games team


If you’d really like to help us track down the bug, giving us your log file could help us figure out what went wrong and stop it from happening again.

Please note that this is wiped each time you start the game. If you haven’t opened the game client since it last happened, we’d really appreciate you taking the time to grab it for us.

Thanks so much for helping us to improve the game!