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Blood Claws doesn't leech with ice thorns

The text on Blood claws implies that the leech applies to ALL physical damage. My ice thorns are specced to deal only physical damage. Yet, when I cast them, I only seem to be getting normal regen or other on-hit heal effects. My tempest strike appears to properly leech (or its on-hit health is scaling is confusing me). But at any rate, my ice thorns don’t appear to be receiving leech from this talent.

The problem with leech is that any health regained by it is spread over 3 seconds. So if each hit is doing 1,000 damage, 10% leech would give you 33 health per second, which may not be noticable over your regen.

One way to test if the leech is working would be with the Exsanguinous chest. Wait till your hp has stabilised then start attacking the training dummy and if the leech is working your hp will start increasing.

Blood claws probably is working properly, but that would be how to test it.

I’m a noob, so I don’t have any uniques. I want to point out though, that tempest strike has a physical damage proc and seems to heal me better. Also the healing is uneven, so i don’t think I’m confusing the extra 5 on-hit health on my character, I think it’s solely from earth spike.