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Block protection & block armour terminology usage

It appears that (blocking aside) when the term “protection” is used it refers to elemental damage reduction, and yet the term is also applied to physical damage reduction on block. Is that correct? It seems a bit messy to use the same term in reference to only non-physical damage reduction in one place & all damage reduction in another (blocking).


We agree this isn’t very clear, and we’re planning to remove Block Armour.


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Yeah, but block armour is the one that makes sense, it’s block protection being added to physical damage reduction on block that’s a bit wonky. Maybe if you buffed the numbers on block armour & removed the effect of block protection on physical hits?

i’d say its the other way round, block armour is the one that needs to go just leaving block protections - either way what doesnt make sense is having both block armour and block protection.

Except that elsewhere armour relates to physical damage reduction & protection relates to non-physical damage reduction, unless it’s on block, then protection relates to all damage reduction. It still doesn’t remove the linquistic messyness.

You could rename block protection to something else (like block damage reduction) & that’d be fine, except you’re then adding in a third term for damage reduction (or fourth or whatever).

Glad to see there is gonna get cleared up. I was quite surprised to find that Solarum Shield was actually a strict upgrade to Great Shield even though it has no block armour on it. At first I thought it was a tradeoff that I was choosing high protections an no armour. Then I read that block protection also applies to block armour and is just a better version of block armour.

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