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Blackhole - Armaggedon is bugged?

How exactly does this skill node work? I thought it just casts my Meteor spell but it’s not quite. My regular Meteor spell can drop 5 meteors but Blackhole drops from 2 or 3 meteors during duration. Is this bugged? How come Blackhole sometimes drops less?

I even took more Rapid Descent to speed up Meteor falling and it doesn’t work with Blackhole??

I have never played with Armaggedon, but maybe the meteors that fall are not linked to the Meteor skill so the Meteor skill tree doesn’t apply to this meteors spawned by black hole ?

Well, at first I thought it says it draws all the Meteors to it so I tried by casting Blackhole, following my Meteors. The regular Meteors still drop the same pattern. Nothing seems to be different.

Then I realized that Blackhole Armaggedon shoots random 2-3 meteors… for a 200 mana cost, it’s gotta do better than that.

And the Twin (Fire/Cold) orbit is such a shitty node. Duration way too short and damage is a joke for a 20s+ cool down skill.

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