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Beta April 2019?


Hi, I was just wondering if you guys are making the progress that you had planned on and if the initial beta will still be happening next month? I was debating buying the supporter pack for the alpha, but I was super busy. Since I will have the free time now, I’m planning on buying a supporter pack, but if the beta is still on track I will most likely get that supporter pack as I don’t have too much to spend at the moment. Any update would be appreciated. I look forward to trying Last Epoch.



We anticipate the game entering beta in the second half of April.


Sounds great! Thank you very much. :slight_smile:


No worries!

Thank you for being interested in Last Epoch. :heart:


Tha’ts pretty great to hear. I was worried about possible delays:)


My Questions is how one would enter the Closed Beta I’m A Ancient Traveler Supporter but I cant remember seeing anything about if that grants access to the closed Beta or not

Edit: I just relooked at the Supporter Info Would I be able to upgrade to the 35$ Supporter from mine with the Dollar amount Difference or would I need to Purchase at the 35$ Amount


We can indeed arrange an upgrade, however this would be a manual process.


It seems pretty polished now, so I can’t wait to see what the beta brings.


Same. I’ve been watching some gameplay on Youtube and I can’t wait to try the game out. Last Epoch really could be the better version of D2 that I’ve been looking for since D3 didn’t fill that void lol.

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