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Beta 0.7.4b Patch Notes


  • Disintegrate
    • Increased base damage by 43%.
  • Maelstrom
    • Freeze Rate now scales with attunement.
    • Power of the Storm now strikes enemies around the most recent target you cast Maelstrom on, rather than always targeting enemies around you.
  • Storm Totem
    • Increased base health and health scaling by 33%.
    • Now costs 20 mana (up from 16).
  • Thorn Totem
    • Increased base health and health scaling by 33%.
    • Now costs 18 mana (up from 16).


  • Primalists will receive a free passive respec due to Shaman changes.
  • Sentinels will receive a free passive respec to resolve missing passive points due to Aura of Divinity being removed in 0.7.4, as well as new Paladin changes.
  • Lich
    • Added a node that converts all sources of health leech to increased damage at 10 times their value (e.g. 1% of damage leeched as health becomes 10% increased damage).
  • Paladin
    • Added a new node that grants health, armour, and critical strike avoidance.
    • Changed Defiance to give attunement and increased elemental protection rather than health and armour.
    • Reworked the Holy Symbol node; it now heals 15 per point and has a 100% chance to proc on block, but has a 3 second cooldown.
    • Adjusted some connections and requirements.
  • Shaman
    • Added a node that makes it so that when you kill a frozen enemy, you heal a random totem to full, refresh its duration and give it a permanent damage buff.
    • Added a node that grants health, mana, and a chance to cast Maelstrom when hit.
    • Added a node that gives totems health, armour, and stun immunity.
    • Hail Bringer now gives 10 cold protection (up from 6), and 10% chill chance (up from 6%), and also grants 10% freeze rate multiplier.
    • Heorot’s Path now also applies to your minions.
    • Removed the node that increased armour and elemental protection on spell cast.
    • Removed the node that gave increased health, mana, and cooldown recovery speed.
  • Sorcerer
    • Replaced the mana armour node with a new node that grants +% base spell damage (doubled if you have over 200 maximum mana).
    • The Insight buff from Arcane Insight now gives 20% increased elemental damage and 20% ward retention per point (from 15% increased spell damage and 15% ward retention).


  • Wand Base Types
    • Added Infernal Wands, which requires level 60 and grants similar base spell damage to old Prophecy Wands, but also grants increased cast speed.
    • Prophecy Wands now require level 73 (up from 64) and grant substantially more base spell damage.
    • Existing Prophecy Wands will be converted to Infernal Wands to avoid players from level 64 to 72 being unable to equip their current weapon.
    • Imperial Wands now require level 47 (from 50).
    • All other wands (except Burning Branches) grant slightly more base spell damage.
  • Sceptre Base Types
    • Added Divine Sceptres, which requires level 75 and are substantially more powerful than Moonstone Sceptres.
    • All Sceptres (except Acolyte starting sceptres) now grant more base spell damage.


  • The list on the Character Select screen now displays which Mastery Class a character is, rather than always displaying the base class.
  • Moved Nests of the Fallen on the world map to better reflect the layout of zone exits in Yulia’s Haven.


  • Improved the appearance of Summon Skeleton’s Fire Arrow and Ice Arrow abilities.
  • Improved the appearance of Thorn Totem projectiles.
  • Improved Maelstrom’s visual effect.
  • Rip Blood’s Blood Catalyst node now causes a slight delay between each recast.
  • Improved lighting effects in the Temple of Eterra and Sanctum Bastille.


  • Increased the Idol of Loathing’s base damage by 14%.


  • Added new sound effects for the Idol of Loathing.
  • Added a new teleport sound effect for Devoured Husks.
  • Updated some more enemy void abilities to use new sounds.
  • Increased the volume of Primeval Dragon roars.
  • Improved Maelstrom’s sound effect for when there are multiple stacks.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where Shades for all base classes would appear in Realm of the Forgotten, rather than just Shades for your base class. This resulted in there being 5 times as many enemies as intended.
  • Fixed a bug where characters who had entered the Ancient Cavern could not respec from the Chronomancer in The Council Chambers.
  • Fixed the entrance Time Rift from Ancient Cavern loading to an endless load screen rather than the Precipice.Added a failsafe so that completing Ancient Hunt automatically completes Ancient Path if it was skipped (due to using an old character).
  • Fixed a bug where the “cannot respec” popup for passives would fail to show the class’s name correctly in cases where you had a node with a requirement of at least 20 in the same class that would become inaccessible.
  • Fixed a bug where characters created before 0.7.4 were shown on the ladder. The ladder has been cleared to fix this, however any character that was created in 0.7.4 will be re-added as soon as they complete an Arena wave or level up.
  • Fixed Enchant Weapon’s Conduit node not working.
  • Fixed Enchant Weapon’s Overloaded node causing all elemental attacks over Enchant Weapon’s duration to be free rather than just the first one.
  • Fixed the Primal Wolf’s Leap ability not having a cooldown.
  • Fixed Summon Raptor’s Broken Tooth node causing the Raptor to stop moving if you had Fury Leap’s Pack Leader node.
  • Fixed Reaper Form’s Vile Shroud node not working.
  • Fixed Reaper Form’s Soul Shroud node giving a larger amount of intelligence for each time you entered Reaper Form.
  • Fixed several skill node tooltips having overlapping text.
  • Fixed the Beastmaster’s Writhe node only granting 8 dodge rating per point, rather than 10.
  • Fixed a bug where the Paladin’s Holy Nova node healed for 33% less than Holy Symbol and did not have attunement scaling for its healing.
  • Fixed a bug where the Shaman’s Shattered Heavens node granted 200% increased spell cold damage per point rather than 2 added cold spell damage per point.
  • Fixed Close Call’s increased dodge rating for each hit you have blocked recently not working.
  • Fixed a bug where the increased minion damage over time affix did not function correctly.
  • Fixed being able to leap out of bounds in Ancient Cavern.
  • Fixed a rock blocking the camera in Ancient Cavern.
  • Fixed a camera blocking issue in the Armory near the entrance from Upper District.
  • Fixed the wave fight in the Armory getting stuck in some situations.
  • Fixed being able to leap out of bounds in Corrupted Lake.
  • Fixed projectiles being blocked in some parts of the Precipice.
  • Fixed the notification for Mastering showing the incorrect class name in some situations.
  • Fixed the hybrid Freeze Rate Multiplier and Cold Protection affix using the old “increased freeze chance” terminology.
  • Fixed Gaspar having a white square icon in some situations.
  • Fixed Increased Chance to Find Potions not displaying in the character sheet (was always 0).
  • Fixed the Necromancer and Lich’s icons being swapped in the Mastery selection window.
  • Fixed a bug where enabling just one type of overhead health bar could actually enable all types of health bars.

To correct an issue where characters created before 0.7.4 were shown on the leaderboard, we will be clearing all current entries soon after this patch is released. Your characters created in 0.7.4 will still be eligible for the ladder-- simply level up or complete any Arena wave to have your current level and highest Arena wave listed again.

Our apologies for any confusion or inconvenience this causes!


Good job with the quick patching!

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Nice job, keep up.

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that was the fastest patch ive ever seen any dev team do


YES! No more slaughterfests in the Mastery Quest zone…except for me! …doing the slaughtering… of course.

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u guys saw raptor bug :smiley: wow so quick FİXes great job guys lets test this new buffed mage and beastymaster :d

Leader boards didn’t change for me.

I was leveling up a build that made perfect use of this node and then you remove it. Why? Why you do this to me? :cry:

I went in and took out my build to see the new changes - I’m not particularly happy with the nodes used to replace the Cooldown recovery, but I at least understand why the changes went as they did. Moving the Protections per Totem down to 25 is beautiful, though, so overall I’ll take it.

Considering how many affixes are used to grab the necessary defensive options like 100% Glancing Blow, I hope the passive board could be filled with rarer bonuses like Cooldown Recovery, reduced mana cost and others. The “% chance to use a skill that a certain percentage of people won’t even use” is not a particularly good direction.

Early Access.

I dont think this patch has been released yet, since it ways “will be clearing” leaderboards when patch releases posted only 2 hours ago.

Best change. This got me every time.

Sorry about the confusion-- as of this post the patch has been released for 2 hours but the leaderboard has not been cleared.

Hey guys,

I’ve got the download, so I guess the patch is live? If so, how do I get the free respec for the primalist? Don’t have it, just one stray point that seemed to have been in a node that’s changed, I guess.

More, do I have to level a new char if I’ve had a few points invested in, say, beastmaster, just for the bear, although I’m specced as a shaman. When I go to the stone thingy in the forgotten realm, it’s empty.

Looks great! Really impressive turnaround for these fixes.

Mage buff yay :grinning:

That’s a pretty strange one. is this a 1 point node that transfers 100% of leech or is this a point based node that only converts partialy? Sounds pretty strong on paper even when you reduce all your possible leech.

when correct a mistake with the disappearance of items from the chest?

Wow, disentigrate and sceptre buff. What good news for my desintegrate-spellbade Mage :smiling_imp:

It says Primalists and Sentinels get a free passives respec. How can I use that?

And does it also reset the mastery quest?

I just noticed my Sentinel has all his passives reset. My Primalist doesnt though.
And unfortunately it doesnt reset the mastery quest.