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Beta 0.7.2b Patch Notes



  • Overhauled the appearance of NPC dialog windows. Some additional changes are planned.


  • Improved Minion Command system (A)
    • If there are no enemies near the target point minions will attack the closest breakable to the target point
    • If there are no enemies or breakables near the target point minions will move to the target point
    • Improved the performance of giving minion commands
  • Aura of Decay’s Aura of Terror node now grants 34% chance to fear per point (up from 11%).
  • Ice Thorns
    • Reduced damage and freeze chance by 10%.
    • The Farwood Heart node now gives 25% increased cold damage and freeze chance per stack (from 20% increased damage and freeze chance per stack).
  • Reaper Form
    • Removed the node that causes you to cull enemies with any skill while in Reaper Form.
    • Added a new node that increases the health that Reap restores on hit and increases your healing effectiveness while in Reaper Form.
    • Replaced the node that gave you poison chance while in Reaper Form with a node that poisons all nearby enemies when you enter Reaper Form
    • Dark Harvest causes Reap to instantly kill enemies below 5% health per point (down from 10%).
    • Death Comes Quickly now gives 25% chance per point to gain swiftness (up from 20%), and can have 4 points allocated (up from 3).
    • Haunting now gives 20% increased area of effect per point (up from 7%), but can only have 2 points allocated (down from 3).
    • Stable Disturbance causes your health to decay 10% slower per point (down from 20%), but can have 4 points allocated (up from 3).
    • Reaper’s Curse now gives 25% increased damage and crit chance (from 20% increased crit chance and no increased damage).
    • Death’s Door gives 1% more damage for each 1% missing health (from 10% increased damage).
    • Cursed with Knowledge now gives 1 armour per point per intelligence (from 1 health per point per intelligence).
    • Phantom Restoration now grants flat ward on hit with reap, and ward retention while in Reaper Form (from giving you ward equal to a percentage of the base amount you heal when you hit an enemy with reap).
    • Sharpened Scythes now gives +10% crit multi per point, doubled for Reap (from 10% increased crit multi).
    • From the Grave now resummons up to 1 Skeleton per point (used to give ward retention).
    • Infected Steel now gives Reap +100% poison chance, but stops it critting. It now also changes Reap’s visual to be poison themed.
    • Grave Chill now converts poison chance from the tree to chill chance and gives reap a freeze rate based on your intelligence. It now also changes Reap’s visual to be cold themed.
    • Reaper’s Mark can now stack up to 25 times (up from 20).
    • Sweeping Scythes makes Reap move you 10% further per point (up from 5%), but can only have 3 points allocated (down from 5).
    • Changed several node names and descriptions.
    • Rearranged some nodes.
  • Adjusted the area of effect for Rebuke to better match its visuals.
  • Shatter Strike
    • Icy Flow now grants 20% mana efficiency per point (from 25% per point).
    • Razor Ice now increases frostbite effect by 30% per point (from 5% for each point of intelligence).
    • Chillflame now requires 4 points in Razor Ice.
    • Adjusted node descriptions.
  • Transplant
    • Adjusted Bone Armor to be [4%] less damage taken and [100] armor per point instead of [10%] less damage taken per point.
    • Plated Bone now multiplies Bone Armor’s effect by 10% per point rather than adding another 10% less damage taken modifier per point.
  • Werebear Form’s Overwhelm node now causes enemies to be stunned for 1 second rather than the default 0.4 seconds.

Voice Acting

  • Disabled out of mana line
  • Reduced the chance for being-hit and on-kill voice lines to play.


  • Improved the visuals for Shield Rush.
  • Updated the visuals for Volcanic Orb.
  • Updated the visuals for Void Arrow (enemy attack).
  • Updated Ice Vortex visuals.
  • Updated visuals for Argolos the Blessed.
  • Updated Alric’s portal visuals.
  • Updated the fire visuals in End of Time.
  • Tweaked waypoint visuals.


  • Improved Primalist run animations.
  • Improved the Sentinel’s run animation bobbing.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a rock blocking the camera in The Armoury.
  • Fixed some ledges being clickable in The Armoury.
  • Fixed some objects being clickable in the Desert Arena.
  • Fixed the waypoint minimap icon being in the wrong position in Fallen Tower.
  • Fixed a pillar blocking the camera in Flooded Cavern.
  • Fixed some enemies spawning off of the walkable area in Flooded Cavern.
  • Fixed pillars in The Forsaken Trail being clickable.
  • Fixed a tree blocking movement in Frozen Woodland.
  • Fixed a missing texture in Gladiator’s Rest
  • Fear not, The Imperial Dreadnaught is now The Imperial Dreadnought.
  • Fixed being able to get past some railings in Imperial Thetima and Lagonian Port.
  • Fixed a navigation issue in Lake Liath.
  • Fixed movement issues with certain tiles in the Lotus Halls.
  • Fixed the minimap for the Maj’elkan Catacombs having a missing segment.
  • Fixed an NPC being inside a cart in The Outcast Camp.
  • Fixed Ruined Shrine not having a minimap.
  • Fixed a chest being unreachable in Serpentine Desert.
  • Fixed an unreachable part of Shrouded Plateau being on the minimap.
  • Fixed a wall blocking the camera in Titan’s Canyon.
  • Fixed some small visual issues in the Ulatri Cliffs (Imperial).
  • Fixed a bug where spires could be pushed or pulled and this could result in them ending up out of bounds.
  • Fixed collision issues with some types of rocks.
  • Fixed a wailing sound effect playing in places that weren’t intended.
  • Fixed the name zones sometimes wrapping to a new line above the minimap.
  • Fixed the Druid’s Woodlore passive granting 2 vitality to the player instead of 1.
  • Fixed Aura of Decay’s Loathing node not working.
  • Fixed Aura of Decay’s Poison Skin node not poisoning enemies.
  • Fixed Aura of Decay’s Poison Skin node not increasing self-inflicted poison stacks per allocated point.
  • Fixed nodes for Fireball that add additional projectiles adding twice as many as intended.
  • Fixed Ice Thorn’s Thorn Shield node causing it to revert to Thorn Burst’s behavior.
  • Fixed the increased area of effect node for Rebuke not increasing the visual size of Rebuke.
  • Fixed Shatter Strike having the wrong icon for its root node.
  • Fixed Shield Throw’s Avenger’s Wrath node granting far too much crit multi.
  • Fixed two of Teleport’s nodes that cast Elemental Nova not stating they do not work when Elemental Nova has a cooldown.
  • Fixed Transplant’s Thanatophobia node stating it has an effect on departure instead of arrival.
  • Fixed Transplant’s Bone Armor triggering without putting points into it.
  • Fixed a bug where the self bleed from Transplant’s Hemophilia node was applied to you once for every enemy hit, instead of just being applied once.
  • Fixed Bone Minions counting towards your total amount of Skeletons, meaning they would override summoned Skeletons.
  • Fixed Werebear Form’s Rip and Tear node stating it proc’d on entering Werebear Form instead of on using Roar.
  • Fixed Werebear Form’s Wild Command not working.
  • Fixed Werebear Form’s Wizened Claws snapshotting stat increases.
  • Fixed Werebear Form’s Wizened Claws also increasing melee crit chance.
  • Fixed Entangling Roots being oriented incorrectly when triggered by Werebear Form’s Woodland Bear if you had the Overgrown Path node.
  • Fixed Werebear Form’s Ursine Knowledge node not returning you to human form at 30% health.
  • Fixed a bug where damaging yourself or allies could proc effects like chill and retaliation.
  • Fixed a bug where minions commands would occasionally target the wrong enemy.
  • Fixed using an instant cast skill triggering a voice line.
  • Fixed a number of bugs with the chat system.


Hi Travelers!

I just wanted to let you know we are aware of our patches requiring disproportionately large downloads, and this is something we are investigating. We’ve identified a couple of causes, and while we’re not yet ready to give an ETA, we will be making improvements in future.

Apologies for the inconvenience while we work on addressing this.


Wow that’s a lot of bug fixes! Amazing work :smiley:


Good stuff. Any chance that Tempest Strike tree will be ready before the next big patch!



So, a lot of the work for the specialization tree had been ready prior to 0.7.2, however we wouldn’t have had enough time to finish a sufficient number of nodes and to properly QA the skill tree. We anticipate Patch 0.7.3 next month including this tree.


Great work on the bug fixes! Transplant and it’s survivability sure took a nosedive. It was to be expected, those nodes were so good :grin:


I would love a skill tree for Tempest Strike too!. But I would actually rather have skill trees for the really old skills that haven’t been given any love, since they came out, than new skills without skill trees :smiley: If not skill trees than ideas about where you’re planning on taking the really old skills, or skill tree discussion. I’m sure some of them could be up for reworks entirely, making skill trees for them redundant. Stuff like Soul Feast, Ice Barrage, Thicket Blades or Frenzy Totem. Any plans?


Interesting; this could potentially be a social post.

We plan to ask for community suggestions for a skill tree next week, though that’s for a relatively new skill. Of the skills you mention, I’d expect Soul Feast and Frenzy Totem to be the next to get specialization trees - possibly as early as in next month’s Patch 0.7.3.

(This is not a promise. This is a maybe. Just thinking out loud. Sarno hasn’t leaked anything.)


Oh that’s wonderful! That certainly sounds intriguing.

(Sarno has confirmed Soul Feast and Frenzy Totem getting skill trees next patch wohoo!) Nah xD But it would be cool though. I’m sure FT will be a powerful add to the Primalist skill, and I’m really interested to see what you wanna do with SF, or some of the other old skills. I’ll be right up there with suggestions. You know me :wink:


Cool stuff here :+1: Personally happy to see minion’s improvements.


Nice to see so many bugs I just recently reported get fixed so quickly. Looking forward to how this game evolves!


Nice not too many fixes for mage looking forward to updating and getting lost in the game again tonight.


Thanks LE. Awesome Game. lovin the patches. keep em coming x


Love the minion changes. Finally I can break those barrels without having to swap skills:P


Gotta say, I was part of a closed beta and open beta for another popular game similar to this, and so far, I’ve been VERY impressed with how you devs are listening to your players. You’re polite, professional and are creating something special for players to enjoy for years to come.


lotsa bugfixes and quick followup on the big patch, thanks :slight_smile: !


What I hope is that a lot of the old skills that had trees at the start of alpha get redone. Their trees just aren’t as large or interesting as the trees these new skills are getting.

Its interesting that Frenzy Totem is getting a tree. I figured that would be one of the skills getting replaced for not being active/interesting enough. I don’t see why it would stay when Ice Ward and Fire Shield wouldn’t. Also Ice Barrage tree please lol.


good god, yes


While I will concede that the Avenger’s Wrath node on shield throw was making it too powerful, you kind of neutered it a bit too hard. I went from hitting 25k crits to 2k. I could live with getting dropped down 50-75% even but this just made the skill useless. Would it be possible to revisit are remodify it please! I was really enjoying the build and now…


I am very Very unhappy about these reaper nerfs. destroyed my poison stacking build. :frowning: :frowning: reaper feels like a dead skill now, like I guess if I wanted to take reap I could use it, but now it no longer feels like fits into builds which aren’t based around reap. Like, it was a great skill for survivability and adding some mobility to other builds, now feels like I’m just gonna take transplant as a mobility skill in basically all instances over reaper. Big sad.