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Best tree to pair with Spriggan Druid?

I made a giant oopsie when starting my first Spriggan and specialized them as a Shaman with the rest of the points into Druid. I planned to use heal totems and root wall, but the root wall took too much mana so I switched to Vale Blast/totem. I have the skills where I summon vale spirits with vale blast, vale spirits have chance to shoot vale blast, healing totems take thorn totem tree, and healing totems have 60% chance to shoot vale blast. It’s fun, but since my mana was low I had to spend a lot on speccing for damage and survival in human form, so my build is split between cold damage and spell damage for active totems (ice thorns in human form) and physical + minion physical damage for spriggan form.

I’m probably just going to reroll the char and start over specializing in the Druid tree, but I want to know what would be the best partner tree for a Spriggan summoner build. I imagine beastmaster for melee vines, but what about poison vines, or vale spirits? Which tree would you suggest pairing with each skill?

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Tbh either way you go is good. Druid for raw casting damage, Shaman for totems and some easy defense, Beastmaster to be heavily minion focused. Spriggan is very versatile and takes planning and some good understanding of the mechanics but once you do it is super fun to play.

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my spriggan druid runs 6 points in beastmaster for big spriggan follower, then specialty in thorn totems for the healing totem perk that makes it shoot thorns, then everything else into vale blast/ totems shoot vale blast. on the outside i also specialize in entangling roots to buff spriggan minion, but i don’t get to use it that often.

So I’d imagine, generally speaking

Vale Spirit - Druid
Totems - Shaman
Melee Vines - Beastmaster

I’m not quite sure about these two.
Poison Vines - Beastmaster/Druid?
Root Wall - Shaman/Druid?

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if you go full into druid tree near the top theres a talent that gives 40 spell damage to minions, so it’s probably the best for any spriggan/totem/thorn vine build IMO.

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Cool! Thanks for the tip.