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Bad Guy Life and Physical Resistance

Not sure how many pure phys builds there (assuming sentinel) are out there, but nothing in this game feels worse than having % health on a monolith and rng giving you beetle queens or anything with phys reduction.

I’m just curious how others deal with it. %health isn’t that bad unless the phys reducation. I go from wrecking everything to spending 25 min in one zone… I log off right after.

Getting amulet with Physical pen will help and if you are sentinel and using vengeance as an example, taking the nodes that gives you armor shred / fire shred are worth taking. (There is also node that converts fire shred to physical shred) This will help a lot against monsters with phys reduction

Yeah I use vengeance, no pen on ammy but I have lots of shred. I mean just no damage maybe there was other mods I didn’t catch but spending that kind of time in one zone just feels bad to me, maybe not quite the dps numbers I should be at - but everything else dies so quick. But this has happened on multiple different occasions.

Yeah, mobs with resistance to your main element are annoying, but IMO they’re there to provide challenge and to prevent the game from becoming a one-click-wipes-the-screen affair like PoE.

And Beetle Queens are just annoying in general.

Does happen… I have realised that certain combinations of monolith rolls can compound each other when you were not expecting it or concentrating on your choice (based on what is already active). I usually just speedrun to the goal if I get unlucky randoms that benefit most from the mono rolls… No shame in not clearing… :wink:

These ladies suck… almost doesnt matter about the monolith rolls… I’ve had maps with queens around every corner, really frustrating.

Maybe you found “more health”? That mod is crazy on beetle queens, meruna ogres & such

Anyway about dealing with phys res, paladin has 8pts in the first tier that gives 16% physical and fire penetration.

In the end with the current LE systems it is about stacking dmg, penetration can be treated as an additional compartment for [16+9]% damage, not much unlike the 15% kill threshold from VK.

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