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Arena - Leave or Claim Rewards

How good can be arena rewards after leaving lets say at lvl 100?

Is it even worth to leave and claim rewards at lvl 100 arena or better play it until death?

It’s not worth to play Arena for loot. Arena is just for the leaderboards and leveling, the rewards aren’t as good as Monolith’s. Would be cool if Arena’s loot would be on par with Monolith.

Either way - the question is: worth to leave at lets say lvl 100 to claim rewards or just play till the death? :slight_smile:

Small sample size because most of my arena runs end on random one shots so I usually don’t feel like I’ve maxed out before I die. However I’ve taken the reward once around 120 and it was meh and once at 150 and it was worthless. Once you’re character is up to level 85+ the only way to get good xp is to push arena as far as you can. I won’t be taking the reward anymore.

Eventhough arena is mainly for XP
you can get arena keys from… an arena chest (which i find kinda strange)

I got one earlyer (arena lvl 75ish)
But usually the rewards are kinda crappy.
Would be nice if there were arena reward tiers.
For instance guaranteed Unique/Legendary drop per xxx rounds in your arena chest.
Or Choose item with 1 or 2 guarenteed mods for xxx rounds survived.

Or atleast something for those that survive 100+ rounds.

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