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Arcane Avalanche freezing 8 enemies with only 1 point invested

I just invested my first point into arcane avalanche and I’m freezing everyone whenever I’m hit with melee.
Also, seems like it’s a shorter cool down than 10 seconds (Edit: it’s every time I get attacked)

Also, posted in another thread, but Energy Infusion gives its benefit no matter if it’s been invested in or not.
And Negative Profusion gives the 25%, regardless of whether you’re at negative mana.

I’ve confirmed the issue with Arcane Avalanche and make a note of it.

The Focus bugs have been fixed for 0.7.4, though in the future please post bugs for different skills in separate threads. If the issue has already been reported you can just reply to the original thread or not post.

Thanks for the report! :slightly_smiling_face:

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