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Arcane Ascendence: Acuity - Cooldown Not 2 seconds (Still 7 seconds)

This is about the Acuity node in the Arcande Ascendence skill tree which indicates that Arcane Ascendance now has a cooldown of 2 seconds.

I’ve timed it 3 times and Arcane Ascendance continues having a 7 second cool down. Please update or reword.

What game version are you on? A fix for this should have been included in 0.7.7d, but if you’re still having the problem on the current version I’ll look into this.

We’re on 0.7.7e. I believe the node is adding 2 seconds to the cool down instead of setting the cool down to 2 seconds. When I removed the node, the skill description on mouse over [obviously for Arcane Ascendence] indicated that the cool down was 5 seconds.

Ok, sounds like it was just a mistake that’ll be easy to fix. Thanks.

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