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Anyone have a late game build using the Shattered Lance Set?

Just completed the set and was wondering… Everyone is giving Fire lots of loving lately, maybe there is a cold melee build?

I did mess with it on a melee shaman. Havn’t touched that char with 0.7.10 yet.

I really liked it, since i used Health Regen as my primariy sustain and this set does scale incredible well into late game with the strength stacking.

I don’t provide whole “game guides”, but if nobody has a build guide going, feel free to get in touch with me.

Cool. That should be good enough to start with and I figure you know what you are talking about… :wink: I’ll drop you a dm if I need advice…

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I got deep into the monolith last patch with a Shattering Strike Spellblade. Shattering for mana dump and mana strike for building. If you’re looking for high wave arena, I dunno. Arena isn’t my jam.

Thanks… I am not overly fond of the build up - nuke, build up - nuke playstyle but that skill seems to synergise better than anything else for the set… In fact, after looking through all the skills in all the classes, it definitely looks like cold melee has been a little neglected…

I attempted to make a freezing warpath paladin with this set, but the ring I needed to bring it all together and and make it work, ended up being from a boss that was too high in MoF, for me to get, so I gave up and deleted him.

It seems like it would really only benefit shamans. A spellblade is going to rely on ward, possibly low life, and that makes the hp regen set bonus obsolete.

I’m also not a fan of shattering strike. I LOVE the new firebrand. I’d love to see it able to convert to ice too.

Yeah I hear ya but with Mana strike it isn’t so bad, one-two hits and I’m back to full. The Mana Weaver passive in the Spellblade tree also can keep Shattering going longer when it procs to feed back some mana. I’m only 59 with it so far (I restart my characters every major patch), the additions with the fire aura passive and converting it to cold has been pretty fun. I’m trying to hit 68 to equip the set and see how it feels now, but my Void Knight Hammerer is lingering in my thoughts and dreams.

I did both last patch, loading up ward with Flame Ward, keeping some amount of ward constantly refreshing with Gleaming Ornate Glass Idols of Energy and having a healthy HP amount to keep a decent EHP. Thanks to the defense changes this patch I’m tankier now even with the loss of Ice Ward and actually hitting harder with penetration working well now and frostbite carrying it’s weight.
Edit: But yea the Spellblade doesn’t benefit from the set bonus all that much, however the 2 pieces have very nice ice based stats that you can’t come by in those slots. Allowing me to craft other slots more defensively.

OP is not talking about The Spellblade skill, but a Set that drops in MoF Ô,ó

Spellblade is also probably one of the worse canidates for this, since it virtually does not scale with strenght whatsoever

I know but the pieces themselves and the bonuses they give aren’t bad for Shattering Strike with all the cold damage and freeze multi, while the set bonus itself obviously doesn’t do anything. Shaman is the only mastery that could currently benefit from the set bonus and the stats the pieces give since Sentinel has no synergy with cold stats across the board.

Shaman it is then… :wink: and the fact that I have a shaman alt gathering dust just waiting for something to try…