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An Upcoming Improvement to the User Interface


Patch 0.7.2 continues our work to improve the user interface. One example is a revamp of the Quest Reward UI, which displays the rewards more clearly.

The variety of quest rewards will be improved at a later date.

Patch Preview: Beta 0.7.2

Love the polish! Keep ‘em coming!


Very nice.


Looks good! Keep up the good work. Having a lot of fun so far!


Please fix stats UI too. I cannot see my progress.


What needs fixing? What do you mean exactly? If you have encountered a bug you can report it in #bugs :slight_smile:


No it is not a bug that im aware of. When i equip my legendary weapon my critical multiplier stays same. Its just feels bad for me. I do not care of bugs mostly cuz game is beta but when i can not see my progress thats bugs me a lot.


Are any other changes coming in 0.7.2?


I see. Which weapon are you talking about exactly?


The Last Laugh.


Not bad


Looking good. I love to see all the little tweaks and fine polishing.