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An Acolyte like the D3's Witch Doctor?

Hi there !

Sorry for my english, I’ll try to be the most clear as possible !

I’m actually playing Acolyte class with Lich Mastery. When I played D3, I liked to play the Witch Doctor with the Jades Harvester’s build using Soul Harvest.

So, I ask for your help because I’d like to build something in Last Epoch that feel similar.

For that I’m using :

  1. Summon Skeleton
  2. Summon Bone Golem
  3. Spirit Plague
  4. Wandering Spirits
    Right Click. Hungering Souls

In my build I have for the moment 4 skeletons, and 1 golem. This is for the Necromantic Emanation that give more hits damages for each minion you have. This is why I use those two summoning casts.

Spirit Plague is for an AOE, that will add more damages for Wandering Spirits and Hungering Souls.

So, I know that is not exactly the same as in Diablo 3 but it’s something like that. I like to play some spirits and cast attacks like that.

Thanks for you help, and if you can give me some advices if I’m wrong. I’m not strong to make builds, but I’m looking for something that not everybody plays.

Thanks !