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Almost all the items in my stash have disappeared

I’ve noticed that as I’ve added items to my stash, the game takes longer and longer to initially load a character into the game. I didn’t realize that the load time was loading your items into the stash?

I had almost a completely full inventory and all my stash tabs were full, I’m a huge pack rat when it comes to uniques and possible gear crafts for other characters. I decided to make a new guy to finally get rid of any of the junkier junk. I ran through the game til i got to town, cleared out the junk i didn’t want, and logged out to the select screen. When i went to load into my main guy, I accidentally logged into my new guy again, once i saw my guy in game I hit alt+f4 to go and relaunch the game. When I logged into my main guy, i went to my stash and there were about 15 items left in tab one. However, all other tabs were completely wiped of everything.

It seems if you force close or the game crashes while your character is loading your items in the stash, it might save to the registry that you just don’t have anything it hasn’t loaded in yet. But hey… objective complete I guess… I have room now! Lmao. This may or may not already be known, but I’ve seen a lot of people in chat lately that have had items disappearing… I wonder if it may be related.

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