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All sources of Block Chance

Hello guys,

I recently started a paladin and was going for maximum block.
I am not currently there, but the max I can “permanently” reach is 93%.

33 Solarum Shield
15 T5 Shield Mod
5 Sentinel Passive
8 Forge Guard Passibe
5 Lower Palading Passive
12 Upper Paladin Passive
15 5x Sigil of Hope

Is there anything I am missing? Those last 7 % would make my build really much more reliable.
I know of the Ring of Shields node, but that one sadly only works 4 sec after cast and not while they are active. Due to the large cooldown this seems not so good.

No it’s not possible to get 100% block chance (after the nerf on the base item and if you only counting for 100% uptime). I actually made a post some days ago about it. I really would love to see some changes with block and block protection. Could be so cool, if you were able to reach 100% block on certain characters with heavy investment, and then stack block protection. If it were made possible, there were ofc. need for some balance changes and etc. But it could be fun :slight_smile:

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