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After patching 0.7.6 i lost so many items from my stash

after patching to 0.7.6 i lost so many items from my stash (bases and unique items). In addition, my stash is arranged completely differently than before, I mean all items are totally mixed up, that means the items are not in the stash pages as before.
Please help me that i have the same stash befor patch 0.7.6.
Kind regards

Hi there,

I’m sorry to hear this!

Can I ask whether this is on the same computer and which Operating System(s) you use?

hi there,
yes its the same pc and i use win 10 Home Edition 64 bit on the newest patch version from microsoft.

Can you remember using any system retore points, or utilities which may interact with the Windows Registry, such as CCleaner?

no, i dont use this kind of software the last 3 month or longer.

and i dont use ever system restore point on this pc.

I’m really very sorry, however it does appear that these items have been lost somehow, and we don’t presently have the ability to restore them. I hope this doesn’t prevent you from enjoying the patch. I know how frustrating this is, and we’re trying to prevent it from happening again.

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