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After completing the story

Can you add a “scaled” story.
I really like the way the story is done so far, and I don’t really like doing monolith/arena over and over again.
I dislike G/Rift in D3 and dislike maps in PoE.
At “End game” part, I would like to have a choice between the “doing the same exact things over and over again” or “re-doing the story at higher difficulty”. Of course, no passives as quest rewards, just XP. Items that drop are similar to those in monolith/arena.
I know I may be strange, but I prefer a 3h repeated story compared to a 1 minutes monolith.

PS: And of course, make it totaly optional. I don’t want to force it as mandatory.

There is more endgame content coming and i believe some of it will even allow you to chose how the story goes (speculation based on website description of endgame) but its more likely these will come out before any type of scaled story does even if its an optional option.

The endgame system “Gates of Memorium” is planned to offer something quite like this, so we’ll see what that’s like when it comes out!

Thanks for the suggestion, rlvladbob.

Boardman21 is thinking of planned future enhancements to the Monolith of Fate. We do plan to better tie the system into the lore and allow you to play through zones based on altered versions of the campaign, however if you want to relive the story as-is, then Stormquake is correct in that the Gates of Memorium system is designed to serve that particular niche.

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