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Affix shards for companions

No matter how much regen or health or dodge or all three i put on my companions for beastmaster they still die faster than I can revive them by wave 150. Not sure if buffing them is in the works but a couple new shards wpuld really help. Such as minion base health minion base health regen. Minions armor and protections. Necro has same problem but can at least summon easier faster and gain ward of there deaths.

Yes, I jist want to go farther with my beastmaster

Thank you for the feedback!

We’re aware that Beastmasters are currently weak and could do with improvements. We’ll likely make more sweeping changes prior to implementing new affixes, though they could certainly help to relieve some of the affix pressure Beastmasters (and Necromancers) currently face.

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Glad to hear its going to be seeing improvements :slight_smile:

yeah beastmaster pets top out at 10k dps scaling minion damage+ minion physical damage+crit, mean while my level 70 druid doing 20k dps a second, AND it’s nowhere near close to finished, I can still multiply my dps by atleast 100% more, I wont be surprised after switching from witch gear (spell crit prefix’s) to EVISCERATOR gear! (critical strike multiplier)

I actually hope that one day, beastmaster can be as strong as druid or shaman :smiley:

I am curious though, how are your pets even close to dying??? it should be the other way around if you built your pets properly, YOU should be the one dying, and not them if you give them max glancing blows, melee physical life leech (then you don’t need any minion health regen) movement speed, attack speed, and crit

I have played many builds, and hours and physical damage ANYTHING scales extremely well with primalist, and is the most straightforward, and easiest damage type to build around, be it beastmaster pets, melee physical druid, spell physical druid.

it was made clear to me pets do not get your stats when it comes to glancing blow/dodge/block. How did u get your pets max galncing blow?

Theres a passive in the beastmaster tree that gives your minions 98% glancing blows.

oh that yeah the 2% still gets em killed.

Ohh no, well look forward to new patches my friend. it can only get better from here :slight_smile:

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