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Add Error Speech Toggle

Hey, I would really love to be able to toggle Error Speech on or off. Sometimes it’s annoying listening to “I cannot do that”, but at the same time you want to listen to actors in story content. So, I hope it will be heard. Ty <3


Have my upvote on this.

While it is nice to have voice acting on the characters, it’s a bit annoying when you wanna spam an ability that’s not ready.

So, stop spamming it? I mean, how many times do I have to tell you, WE ARE NOT THERE YET!

And maybe add the ability to switch it as a message.

Like a chat message?

yes, would be a nice solution

Thanks for suggesting this and I agree, turning off voice was one of the first thing precisely so I don’t hear the “error messages”.

100% agree with this, I play with voices turned off for this very reason.

Maybe, if you could organize the chat and make different tabs, for example “combat chat” “chat where ppl talk” “error chat” etc. etc. Like you can do in most MMORPG’s But I don’t think this even should be in the chat. It’s not critical information, most of the ppl, after playing some time will already look at the bottom to see your cds on the skills.

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Yea, chat isn’t done at all yet. Still need, local, party, etc

This really does need to have a toggle option.

ARPGs tend to become button spamfests and cooldown audio isn’t usually the most useful information to have. Perhaps some people find it useful, but for me the voice-overs have always grown irritating. I turn it off in any game that gives me the option.

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Like a chat message or a low, centred, on-screen messsage, as WoW do, for example.

So long as the HUD message is optional as well.

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