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Acolyte spells texts


I just made an acolyte and saw 2 things on spell windows that might need some correcting:

In the Lich passives, Contagion Engine, the description probably needs an “r” at “souces” for a “sources” (I can only put one image as new user, so I will not put the ss for this one)

And for this one, on Acolyte tab, Hungering Souls skill:

It would be “…gungering souls that seek (not seeks) […] necrotic damages (not damage) and then possess (not possesses) …”

On the 2nd paragraph plural missing at “necrotic damage” as well

I know it’s minor but, if it helps, there it is !

Good luck with futur patches :wink:

Thanks, we’ll fix this. :slight_smile:

We’ll get this fixed up, too. :slight_smile:

This is correct, and as such we will not be changing it.

And we’ll fix this! Thanks again. :slight_smile:

As per the above, this is not incorrect and we will thus not be changing it.

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