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Acolyte/Minion Issue

Loving the beta so far!

As far as minions go though, they really, REALLY need to be able to be walked through by the player. I’ve spawned into different areas many times now and my minions were all lovingly huddled around me which is nice for companionship but not so great when I physically can’t move. Of course they can be made to move at any time with the minion attack button but this can result in your minions sort of pushing you along their path so effectively the whole thing looks and feels super clunky and isn’t a very effective solution. If you could make minions solid objects to everything else in the game BUT the player for example, that would improve minion interactions exponentially while also keeping the core experience of the class the same.

Keep up the great work!

Coming next patch I’m pretty sure!

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From the 0.7.6 early patch notes:

Quality of Life Improvements

  • It is now possible to move through your minions.
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Great to hear, thanks!

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