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A little bit of role in the game

I’ve played manye games in my life, consoles and pc, and theres something always i like: Events, not that kind of seasons like D3 or PoE, but seasonal events, like for example Summer, Christmas, Halloween, etc, and also Permanent events, im gonna give some examples of this events:

Seasonal Event:
Christmas: Mobs has a chance to drop Santa Box, the santa box has a chance to drop a special skin sword (like a candy cane) with normal or better stats doesnt matter, or other items like candies to get some buffs, you know what i mean, alot of games used to do this.

Permanent Event:
Every map has a chance to spawn a “Big Version” of a mob, not a boss, this big version gives more exp, and a chance to double coins, for example, and a chance to drop a special weapon with other stats, i know theres a “Wealth mod” in PoE, but something different, ill think on a better example.
Events by time, special maps with special coins to exchange but with a Schedule, if you know MU online you will understand, this would be good to farm Set Items, also you can apply this to pvp or arena system.

Ill try to give more ideas, but i guess this will add some “life” to the game, i know its kinda classic but if we focus only on lvl and builds, it will turn into something like PoE, finish the season in a couple of weeks, get the rewards and go play something else or try another build.


Same here! One of the best parts of Christmas was fighting Santa Porings :smiley: I love seasonal events like that too

Dont forget to give a vote if you like the idea, i can give more so stay tuned


This is a good idea.

This is maybe an unpopular oppinion but I dislike real life seasonal events ingame. I play games to have a time out on real life and to concentrate myself on something different. With every seasonal event so far I was unhappy because it felt awkward to have the lore ripped appart that much.
With the time traveling theme on top of it is there ever a season so to speak? I would prever ingame events outide of real life event time zones. So no cristmas event on December, leave this holyday to the family and make a whatever themed ingame event in November for example.
It’s very disconnecting why all of the sudden red hat wearing monsters spawn in LE and why people in the ruined era make a fuzz to get everything nive and shiney and decorated when their life is down the drain already they surely don’t go outside to collect materials for a christmas decoration.
On top of that I don’t think it’ll be that great because LE isn’t some kind of online only mmo experience. The devs need to remodel a lot of stuff and I hope they work on, from my point of view, more important stuff like… if the grass ingame is green enough.

I’m in favour of this idea. I think mike had at one point mentioned he really liked diablo walking the earth in D2 (and I believe he might have even suggested he wished to recreate that feeling in LE?)


Marvel Heroes miss me

Well yeah i know Christmas is something to think a lot, but for example to celebrate, International Children’s day, or Chinese New Year, or even halloween or summerfest, even Oktober Fest, theres alot of days to make events, the point of this is to give 2 weeks or 1 week event apart from just leveling or farming, its like a break to enjoy when you are doing the classic stuff

Would love to see these kind of events (Christmas, Halloween, etc). I played many MMORPGs with these kind of events and was ton of fun.


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