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A Boaring New Enemy

Boars are one of the most dangerous forms of wildlife in the frozen north of Heoborea. Large beasts with an insatiable appetite, their jaws are filled with jagged teeth and rocky tusks.

One of the wild beasts of Heoborea.

Adept at breaking apart frozen ground and ice, their hardy hides and backs make it so they can be controlled with a frozen harness and ridden by the Wengari.


A beast of Heoborea ready to be used as a mount.

(Miss the concept art? Check it out here!)


I kept thinking they were mammoths x_x

Another enemy for me to stay in melee range of while playing a long range mage and then get murdered and have noone to blame but myself, POG!!!

Used as a mount you say? Looks painful;) Unless youre into that sort of thing…

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:wink: . .

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Would love to have a boar as a companion for Beastmaster . :wink:

The upper one looks nothing but awesome.
Of course it’s fantasy, but still somewhat reasonable.

However, I wouldn’t really want the lower one as a mount. It’s too much for me. It looks nonsensical, like from any random bling bling MMORPG with their permanent loops of exaggeration of literally everything.

To clarify; there won’t be any usable mounts in Last Epoch. The Wengari are encountered as enemies - and while some will be riding boars, you will not be able to do so yourself.

If you're interestd in concept art, here's the Design Sheet for the Wengari.

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