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48% chance of putrid wraith is actually 0%

I have 2 points in the Putrid Wraith skill which gives me 22% chance of getting a putrid wraith. I also have the Repulsive Idol, which grants an additional 26% chance of getting a putrid wraith. However, after summoning more than 20 wraiths I didn’t get a single putrid wraith.


Log Files:
Player.log (19.1 KB)
Player-prev.log (15.6 KB)

Not sure what’s going on here? Is there some kind of activation requirement?

EDIT: I think I figured out what’s going on here. It IS actually summoning putrid wraiths, but its not showing a different character portrait for these new wraiths like it normally does (like when you get a putrid wraith spawn from a minion dying due to the Putrid Retribution passive).

Also, the chance should be around 1/2 but when I tally it up its only around 1/4 (Although I only did a quick test so I’m not sure how accurate it this was). I’m guessing the chances from the two sources don’t stack.

The Putrid Wraiths have a different model compared to the default melee Wraiths, so as you saw, its probably working ok.

Not really sure what benefit you would get from knowing how many poison/flame/melee wraiths you have, or what different decisions you’d make which I think is generally EHG’s view on splitting out buff icons/etc.

I would also argue that the different icon the Wraiths that are summoned via the various passives that the Necro/Lich get is due to the fact that their summoning method is different (a proc from a passive, rather than manually summoning them with a mana cost). Though IMO it doesn’t really matter so they should probably just have the proc-summoned Wraiths summed up along with the “normal” Wraiths.