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4 million hit death wave build

Hotfix buffed us up boiiiiis


Nerfs ain’t got nothing on the Lich. Can’t stop, won’t stop. :rofl:

I assume it’s poison-related & Boardman’s using his preferred main-hand weapon?

Not this time. It appears to be all Necrotic damage. A…lot…of…necrotic damage.


Nope its straight 4 million HIT damage. 1 hit 4 million damage. using crafted 2h staff, no dots.

4 million. Wow.

I see another nerf…sorry adjustment incoming!..wonder how long it’s doing to take before the nerf becomes a whoops, to much! :smiley:

EHG Dev 1 : So we just got out the patch fixing death seal … again
EHG Dev 2 : We can now focus on making more content and new skills

Boardman : Here’s a 4 Million hit death wave build

EHG Devs :