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1 shotted by mob off screen

Onto my 21st Monotlith of Fate -next thing I know boom 1 shotted off screen by a Void Cleric -0 this has to seriously got to stop NOW! This is a gamebreaking bug

Moving thread from #bug-reports to #feedback-and-suggestions.

Sorry this is being reported as a a bug as its completely game breaking dealing with the OP of smeruna sirens goliaths lightining elementals and the rest of the 0.78 mobs that were introiduced - getting kiled in monoliths on 1st or 2nd one due to those mobs is unacceptable and NEEDS TO BE FIXED RIGHT NOW - THIS MAKES THE GAME UNPLAYABLE!

Look, I don’t want to signal boost your posts, but I’m tired of seeing this kind of stuff:

  1. This is not a bug. You’ve literally put in the post title that this is a matter of tuning that you’re concerned with. I’ve seen you post before in Feedback about this, and you should just continue the discussion there. They are just going to move this out of bug reports anyways.
    If you were genuinely experiencing something where a low level trash mob was one shotting you, then that’d be more of a bug. But a high level enemy doing high damage is not a bug. It might be true that they could be tuned down, but seeing as there are plenty of other players proceeding with the game, it’s not “breaking” the game or making it “uplayable.”

  2. The devs have already done some balancing on some particularly dangerous mobs in the past couple patches (Siege Golems come to mind) in reponse to feedback from the forums. If you feel more needs being done, refer to the above and continue the discussion in the appropriate forum. I guarantee you that if you can have some level discussions with enough other players and the devs and can find a consensus on balance concerns, the devs will act on them.

  3. How do you expect the devs to make changes you like if you don’t tell them what you’d like to see? Offer more information on how you’re playing so others can see if there’s something about how you’re approaching the game that are causing you undue levels of difficulty with the new mobs. Offer specific suggestions on how you think the level of difficulty could be adjusted. Don’t just shout that it “NEEDS TO BE FIXED RIGHT NOW.” That’s unhelpful feedback for a topic as complex as game balance.

  4. You need to stop angrily demanding things. The Devs don’t deserve you shouting at them for everything you find displeasing in the game. They are hard at work fixing up issues that are actually preventing people from playing, while still working on new content for the game. Balance changes will be implemented as needed and as time allows. The world is in a chaotic enough place now that we don’t need to bring anger to our games man. Please be more respectful of the Dev’s time and effort. If it’s really frustrating you so much, for your own sanity please just walk away from the game and maybe come back after some more content updates to see if your experience is improved.

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First off, trying to “shout” with a capslock sentence is not the right way to deliver feedback.
Especially when you have literally nothing meaningfull constructive to start any form of discussion.

That out of the way, let’s try to start a meaningfull discussion and feel free to disagree with me, but just try to be constructive and tell me when you are not agreeing what you think. (Please don’t shout at me :imp:)

I would say alot of the bigger and dangerous new additions with 0.7.8(especially the siege golems) are really threatining. And this is good, because literally every of their abilities that deal high amount of damage are either telegraphed or have a pretty long wind up animation.

I do understand that some player, especially when experimenting or just having less experience with the game and not a particular strong build, really struggle against some of those enemies.

The only thing that often puts me in hariy situations are multiple sirens casting this “wave” spell, which travels really fast and when they are a mid-range often leads to not having the time to dodge or run away. Maybe that skills could use a little bit of lesser travelspeed or some clearer wind-upanimation before they start casting those waves.

I really like the Siege Golems, since one of the follow up patches of 0.7.8 they gave all of the Siege Golems attacks telegraph and wind-up time(can’t remember in which exactly they changed that). Those thigns are still very dangerous, especially when you have multiple of those.

My suggestion would be for MoF lower then… let’s say 10 or 15, there only can be 1 Siege Golem per “pack”. I am not even 100% sure if they spawn in “packs”, but i always had the feeling, that if there were more than 1 on the map they were pretty close together.

Having enemies types like this really brings the tactic component of combat to shine, where you just can’t brainlessly jump into every pack and just kill it in mere milliseconds. I do like that combat is kinda slower and therefore dangerous enemies that usally live a little bit longer really impose a threat to the player.


I agree with OP here. I been killed the same way and it’s a terrible feeling. New mobs added are actually terrifying to play against. Long range, high damage and massive hp. Not to mention the larger mobs also end up being very easily 3 times harder to kill than the map boss and these are random magic mobs not even rares. Some of these new mobs are clustered all around the map, trying to kite one you run into 3 more, aoes covering your whole screen; it’s getting to the point it’s kinda crazy. I don’t mind large hard to kill mobs if they are part of a special event or not many on a map. I personally feel like scaling on new mobs is way off and doesn’t make sense. Some mobs die in 3 hits and these new ones die in 20+ and the bosses die in 5-10. Why?

Also I would like to mention balancing these mobs is an on going process. I expect it to happen till launch day. No one came in here saying that this is the final form. They been nerf mobs and adjusting as they go.

I agree that we should not be 1 shotted by a mob off the screen unless the attack is telegraphed. I like the state of the siege golem.

I also noticed the camera angle comes into play because it is harder to see mobs at the bottom of the screen than the top or sides. I hope that is taken into account when designing the enemy’s range.