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1 Shootadin Highest Dps ingame ! in Memory of Hammerdin Diablo2LOD



All Skill Trees (Spells) Updated ! New Hammerdin Comes Today ! Stay Tuned
Fixed Higher “hammer” dmg :stuck_out_tongue:
Fixed 21% Crit and 400% multi

Hey Community
Today my Chat & me started the :wink:

1Shootadin v1.0 (80% Finished V) in Memory of Diablo2lod Hammerdin´s all over the World Forged with Hammers & Pure Stronk !

Pros to this Build:
Short video with “old” not perfect gear"

Higest Dps Ingame ! (Krits to the Maximum)

Fast Movement
25-45k krits (more posible)
High dps ! 1000% + Throw Damage !!! <STRONKKKK
High Speed 150-170% + Attack speed ! SPeed!
Crit 21% chance 400% crit multiplyer PwePwe


Facetank Q.Q faster kill faster survive!

Skill trees
Hammer Throw

Crazy High dps sh!t

Holy Aura Dmg+Crit+Speed push

Rebuke Resi Push!

For Resists + Armor Push 4secs after Channeling

Shield Rush Escape mode


Wapon should look like this “Base” Just Craft Crit Chance + Crit Multi ! Same for Slot & Stun chance base is perfect cause of the “Stun chance directly on it”

Amulet must be looks like this this the only way to leech life ! & Gain more StronK

Boots Helmet & Chest stacking Str + Dex like every point Str & Dex make us 4% StronKer !

Passives (Not Finished right now !)

Update comes with lvl 90+ !!




Just for Holy Nova + More STRONK

How to play

Just Hammer Time

Cheers & Enjoy One of the Newst Builds of ThaPuckyman Factory of Crazy Builds
If you like give me a Heart <3

Greets ThaPuckyman enjoy my Daily Livestreams <— Stronkkkkk


icopy paste all time my basic thing under it thanks for info but have nothing to do with off topic i ask the community if they wanna get a build or not … if no one reply no one wanna see it so the mods can delete the post after 24hrs


I’m interested in sentinel builds.

And honestly I don’t see why he is promoting his stream? I didn’t see any advertisment in this thread.


cause i had my "daily"stream down below … so i uploaded the STRONKEST build in Last Epoch history ! pls try make it STRONKER ! :slight_smile: enjoy & cheers


All right! I don’t see any problem in promoting a LE stream tho. That can’t be bad for the game.
That being said, it’d be good if you post a video gameplay about this specific build within the build guide.


i will ^^ need to cut in my streams ^^ tomorrow maybe :slight_smile: if i got time atm writing guides + builds for the Community :slight_smile: enjoy


Appreciate you writing the build guide out instead of just posting a link.

I had read your earlier posts, and perhaps I’m not alone in this, had absolutely zero interest in having to watch a stream in order to see your build/guide, which was immediately offputting.

Having this written guide up along with a link to your stream so we could watch it in action instead of leveraging the guide to get views is a much better way to get eyes on your content in my opinion and after seeing an in-depth write-up I’m much more inclined to go check out your twitch.


it whas a QUESTION if anyone wanna see such a Build … nothing more nothing less like i said my “stream” link is part of my normal writing … stop agument agains it or take this infront of anything i deleted it till i finished writing the build actualy i should delete all my builds cause this is not a cool act & friendly move … and such aguments after i writed down the build imposible how people can be … !
i make this for fun & for the Community if you got a problem with my writed builds go to the admins and let mute me so i cant post more builds what i create for the Community… even its that people starte flame cause of “Asking” The Community about (you wanna see it or how looks like) …


Why are you taking the Flame Burst nodes in Holy Aura if you’re only using Hammer Throw, which isn’t a melee attack?


Agree with this.

@ThaPuckyman I don’t think @Wex was trying to be offensive and was just providing suggestions to help make the build guide better. When I first saw this thread and clicked on the link I couldn’t even find the part of the steam that was talking about the build.


You don’t need to be so defensive. People are just trying to give advice because they are interested in the guide and also want to grow the community in a positive way.

@Wex was simply saying that by posting it as a question without any information except a link to your stream doesn’t invite interest as much as posting a guide and saying “if you want to see this in action, check out my stream”.

Even after I posted saying it probably didn’t belong here I actually went to your stream to check out the build in action and interacted with you (positively I might add!). I have already removed the comment since you have turned this into a guide. The critique isn’t meant to be negative, it’s meant to be suggestions to improve for everyone’s benefit.

A little bit more optimistic response would probably go a long way…


i know what you mean Dmiliz but actualy i have a lot to do i make this all by side write farmguids atm v2.5 version of another build then fast i drop hammerdin out im pretty new to this art of build posting jilreign teached me a lot how to design it better even in twitch i have (9 in the morning) no clue how to cut stuff xD and im not a youtuber xD like i said i make this just for fun >.< @AlienError thanks for the info i have overread it but it working (idk why but seems like the note is not complete right made maybe they fix it soon cheers :slight_smile:


Sounds like a bug then, probably best to not rely upon it. Holy Aura is still very good though, and honestly I’ve had a lot of luck with going 20 into Paladin to grab Sigils of Hope, it is quite a lot of added damage. You may also want to consider the Riverbend Grasp unique gloves as well as the Mourningfrost unique boots. The former gives you another on hit proc for a throwing attack while the latter can add a ton of damage to your attacks, and as you know almost nothing adds to throwing because 99% of them say melee attacks.


actualy it looks not like that its working through so change able but the attackspeed notes and the crit + critmulti is a must have cause the Throw Crit its wierd scaled

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