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0.7.8 Dragon Breath not working

There is no increase to ignite chance / shock chance / chill chance when using the respective elements to proc them. I have not tried with Mirror breath as I’m not building for it.

Yeah, they’re not being proc’d, though the increased damage from Dragon Mage is.

Dragon Breath is working, but I’ve just realized the tooltip is now wrong after the tooltip rewrite we did some time ago. The ailment chances only apply to skills of a certain element (i.e. Shock Chance with Lightning Skills), so it won’t show in the character sheet. I’ve corrected the tooltip internally.

I see, so the ailments are not universal. When I use meteor, my shock chance increases only for lightning spells. A bummer, but thank you non the less, I’ll have to make use of it a different way.

Is that “reasonable” for such a high level passive? Especially when people tend not to use many different elemental skills.

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