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[0.7.6c] Spellblade | Mana Strike | need advice


Make some concept of Spellblade based on Mana Strike main dmg skill

Need advice to make this “build” more solid

Items, Skills and Gameplay on Video

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Hey man! Looks like a fun build you are trying to do. Although i have not played a complete mana strike build, i do have some suggestions for you, maybe some of them will work for you.

Okay, so at first glance, it looks like you have spread your defense out on many different things, which is totaly fine if that how you want to build you character. However, i think you would found it a lot easier, to build the character only around 1 main defense. Either ward, protections or health. It is good to see that you have reached that 100% glancing blow cap, since it boost your survivability a lot.

Lets talk about mana strike
I can see you have taking the lightning proc route on the passive tree. That is also a really cool passives. What is important to know is, that it stacks on spell dmg, and not melee dmg. Depending on how you wanna go around building your character, you might be better of trying to use a wand, instead of a sword - or be using a staff with high base spell dmg. This is ofc. only true if you particular want to boost the dmg on the lightning proc. Both mana strike and the lightning proc, stacks on lightning dmg, which is a nice synergi.

Hoped it helped a little, even though i am not a master on mana strike or anything.

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You didnt take 2 main passives that make mana strom build work…spelll weaver and blade weaver. its the core of the build and both should be maxed out

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A few things:

  1. As Marc said above, you seem to be using the spell setup of mana strike, which is good, mind you, but generally works better as a sorc. If you’re going to be running mana strike this way, you should really invest in the “Spell damage increases on melee hit/use” [Spell Weaver, Combat Mage, and Rune Sap]that exist on the Mana Strike tree and on the Spellblade tree.

  2. If you want to make this build more spellblade oriented, based off of your very nice idols, I would recommend going for a mana stacking setup instead, and shifting your skill tree around, moving the points currently invested in the spells on the left side into the Max Mana to Flat Lightning and Crit Chance nodes toward the bottom middle, and then maximizing attack speed.

  3. Your gear seems ok, and you should consider going for more int and ward retention, maybe even throwing on an exsanguinous if you can find one and getting rid of leech on your gear in favor of other stats.

Hope this helps.

EDIT: Here are my passives/skills for my level 97 mana stacking spellblade. It hit 240+ with mediocre gear.

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Tnank you so much )
I’m very appreciate for such a quick response

Now I can UP to 106 Wave in the same gear

Can you explain how exactly work def mechanic

What def me 1st, 2nd and etc?..

And if I have 1000 Ward and 100% GB and 50% all resists
will GB and resists reduce the damage to Ward?

Yes, glancing blow reduces the damage taken by 50%, then protections (not resists, they don’t work like that, hover over the protections in-game & you’ll see) are used to calculate how much damage is done & that damage is taken from ward then life as appropriate.

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have a small questuon

if I use Mana Strike with spell nodes
I need to choose spell (and lightning) % bonuses
and attack speed, am I right?

also … if I choose melee +2 (+4+6+8+etc…) lightning dmg in pssives, should it up my total damag? or. I need use spell +2 dmg?

Mana strike is not a spell. It will not benefit from spell dmg. I just looked through the nodes and there is nothing that will make it benefit from spell damage either. You can gain spell dmg for 4 seconds with using node “Rune Sap”, but that will not benefit Mana Strike since it is not considered a spell.

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