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0.7.4 Speculation Excitement

What are you most excited to see from patch 0.7.4?

I think the mastery changes to add a strong passive for each mastery will make choosing a mastery much more thoughtful and meaningful. Before it was all about the skills that you gain access to but honestly at this point, without having many of the ascending skills in, you had access to all skills in a base class and mastery classes. This change of adding the passive seems that it will be substantial to build making.

I am currently running a melee spellblade focusing on ward for protection. The passive shown in the patch preview gave ward gain on hit. Such a big power boost to my specific build. Can’t wait to try that out and see what other passives are available.

What are you guys excited to see from this patch?

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Definetly the new mastery system, and some love for the mage class that is coming. Though I will be busy with work until after new year mostly.

What I´m most looking forward then is multiplayer, and something that renders arena more or less obsolete as endgame, or making it at least optional :slight_smile: (too repetitive for me)

Tree for judgement sounds great ! Some love to brainstorm around. And for sure checking out summon raptor just to see it hehe. And with masteries, static and enchant, melee mage might even tickle me to try out a bit.

But all in all, I`ll really wait for january-march for the next step x)

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Multiplayer will definitely be awesome. I see a lot of potential for support builds that just aren’t viable for single player which will be cool.

Yea i think the mage needs a little love. I have a fun build but the dmg is really light (that may be in part to my current gear). Hopefully the new changes and skills will give me some new tools to experiment with and crank up the dmg.

Yeah I’d also like to make support builds work. I can imagine it will round up well in multi-player!

I’m really looking forward to try a mage build that uses the melee frost hammer (forgot exact name of the skill) and disentigrate as main dmging abilities. Maybe with static and enchant weapon, and a proper defensive ability on top.

Something like this sounds super fun to play and awesome to theorycraft around :sunglasses: just curious when we get to know patch will be up, Id had some little spare time next week wo offer :smiley:

Shatter strike? I have been looking at that and thinking about how to make that work. Current build doesn’t use cold damage at all.

So much more build variety coming with new skills/skill trees etc. The spellblade build I am playing uses the base version of enchant weapon. Excited to see how the skill tree modifies my build. Hopefully more damage, utility and ward.

0.7.4 is up!

Just finished reading through the notes. Seeing that lich passive makes me want to play a lich now.

Shaman feels really good. Attunement heavy running Wolves, Spriggan, Storm and Thorn Totems.

Use Tornado as a spender.

I have been wanting to try shaman out. I will take a look. Thanks for the suggestion.

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