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0.7.4 ate my stash and Characters!

I was told on discoed to try here. 0.7.4 ate my stash and Characters! I was unable to play 0.7.3 but now it’s like I was wiped. Any way to access the files on my mac to restore them?


Apologies for the inconvenience!

Please see this support article for more information, including a step-by-step guide to fix this.

Moving thread to Technical Support.

Didn’t work. Now I’m back to no game image (except gui overlays) AND no stash and characters…

Here are the 2 pref files , old and newcom.EleventhHourGames.LastEpoch.plist.txt (194.8 KB) (23.6 KB)
I had to add .txt on the ends to be able to upload so you may have to strip that :wink:

Moved/renamed the files back and now I have my characters and no stash or visuals(except for gui overlays). I’d really be happy to start all new characters if I could get my stash and characters armor/weps!

Could you please change Master Quality to Medium?

The medium visual setting worked. Now setup the pref files as in the support page and hopefully I’ll have everything! Stay tuned

Got all 25 or so characters, can play game, but lost a FULL stash 2 million gold, all my shards and all my assorted weps and armor.

This is a separate bug, unrelated to 0.7.4. We’re working on rewriting parts of the inventory system to resolve this and various other bugs. Apologies for the trouble.

But I loose my gold, armor, weapons and shards? Hmmmm…

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