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List of Player Expectations for Game Release


@GeoGalvanic Can I just check what is the criteria for something being listed here? Is it strictly a list of things you’ve seen us say will be in the game for release? If we’ve discussed something being in the game, but neither we (nor the person asking a question, if applicable) specified the game’s launch then there should at least be a disclaimer of some sort.

While I’m here, would you mind directing me to where you saw talk of an API?


I believe that there are two distinctions to be made here, the thread in general and my list at the initial post in specific. My list in the initial post is mainly comprised of things that EHG have said will be in the game.

As for the thread in general though, I mentioned in the intro it being “Informal” and the thread title is “List of Player Expectations for game release”. Which I think would be fair to encompass things that players might reasonably expect to see in the game at release, whether by being needed for a “Released Game”, something particularly important to the identity of “Last Epoch”, or something derived from what an EHG representative has said. I believe that smashing untenable expectations is an important part of this process.

The only things that have been specifically mentioned to be in before release are skill trees for all skills, Rogue, Bazaar and coop multiplayer. Hence the thread. The only game feature that has been indicated that it might come after release is cycles. As most everything else has been marketed as part of the game, I think it would be reasonable for players to “expect” the other game features to be included in the game release, until otherwise noted.

To be clear: I don’t think that this thread is a replacement for an official dev road map/goals/timeline/feature list, but I do think that it could inform one.

Long ago, in discord I think. I may be misremembering or misinterpreting what was said at the time though.

*edited initial post for clarity


Appreciate the edit!


I was just recently reminded that a softcore death penalty of some sort was planned, as such I’ve added it to the list :slight_smile:


Why does the game need a death penalty at all ?

If there is to be one then it should be ingame now so people can give feedback early so it can be balanced.


well… otherwise killing the omen of silence at level 5 is easy.

Personally I’d prefer that dying just reset the zone, although last I heard they were planning on having exp loss on death.


Because it is one way to provide the “risk” vs rewards.


-Possibility to bind/unbind skill on left mouse
-One more extra preffix and suffix slot on rare
-Able to see character behind big object like the trees

It’s all for the moment…


Agree this would be basic release graphics quality of life.


-More shortcut keybind skill slot on skill bar and a secondary skill bar so we can throw permanent buff there , currently i don’t have enought to use all my skill with my spellblade : teleport , enchant weapon , fireshield, iceshield one , mana strike so i can’t use my newly acquiered unlocked Innervate skill .
-Leg and shoulder item slot
-affix bonuses like %magic find , quantity , cast something on hit , mana leech etc…

Perhap will add more further i play…


Agreed, although releasing modding tools would be challenging for an indie team but I hope it is considered. Even if it’s not something they can do at release but can do later on it’d be great.

Offline mode will be available upon the full release

My thoughts exactly.


Well, besides most of the things mentioned above, i’d kinda hope we will translations or if possible, to allow community translations similiar to Grim Dawn. I mean for myself it’s not a big deal, due while i prefer obviously my native language, i understand english very well. However translations would open up to more potential consumer, which means more player and more popularity for the Game.

I’ve yet to add, with translation i mean the text itself, not voice-acting or what-ever. VA is costly and i’d argue most people understand that… so it’s not an big deal if VA is in English as long we have the text translated.

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