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Thanks for the effort - appreciatedā€¦ :wink:

My Spellblade for 0.7.10 please. :slight_smile:

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done. waiting a few more days before I start adding in more patch 0.7.10 builds!


Compendium updated with 16 total patch 0.7.10 Builds


Mind adding this one :slight_smile: : Druid Spriggan with Scorpion Build v0.7.10b

Added it.

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Testing codes.

Ooooo, proper greek letters & everything! :wink:

Edit: I do wonder whether it would look nicer with the text first then the link?


That was a question to engender some debate, but yeah, it does look betterā€¦ :wink:

Testing code.

Compendium updated with individual emoji build icons.

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This is such a great resource, please sticky this!!!

wait, how come this topic is not sticky yet?

Thanks for creating this resource for the community, @Bankaikiller! Iā€™ve configured the forum to bump this thread automatically if it hasnā€™t been posted in for a month. :slightly_smiling_face:

@blighted @Atterana @Garfunkel

We try to avoid stickying each thread which could be a useful resource for the community, as thereā€™s a growing number of them and - at least in my experience - people tend to complain about sticky threads cluttering a forum about as much as actually reading them.

We might create a sticky thread linking to various resources available to the community at some point in the future, but for now letā€™s try auto-bumping threads and seeing how it works out.


Front page updated with Sleeker image Design

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