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High DPS VK Rive Build

@LizardIRL#5433 Beast Void Knight


This looks awesome and I am going to try it. Thanks for all your build guides, Boardman. Hey, I happen to notice you pronounce melee as “mah-lee” and not “may-lay.” I don’t want to say one is right and the other is wrong. I just have never heard your pronunciation before.

It’s his signature!

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looks like you’ve got a fan at 9:26 in the video, lol

Isn’t this just the “over 9000” build just a little more fleshed out? Looks like old news or like we see it coming from a mile ^^.

That’s because one of them is wrong…

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“may-lay” Is US pronunciation “me-lay” is UK pronunciation and “me-lee” is southern hemisphere pronunciation. I still have no idea where “mah-lee” is from, probably just Boardmans brain.

Thx for the build i have two points :
Is abyssal echoes really a must for the build vs ring of shields?
And is two handed weapon is the BIS ( I running a OH axe 101% void damage + shield)
Thx for your help

Nothing is a must. But drop g to a 1h and changing out abyssal for ros dont expect the same high damage hits

over 9000 is a Forge Guard using forge strike and converting ignite to physical damage… How is that even close lol?

Ahhh yeah ^^.

Did not play this build yet, but do not understand, where this huge dps comes from actually?

Echoe stacking, damage multipliers on rive tree, crit multi and a shit ton of flat damage.

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As a new player, how would I transition into this build? I just reached the point where I chose VK as my mastery while follow this guide ->

Should I focus on the skills in that guide (Shield Throw) and then respec later? Or can I start leveling the skills for this build right now at level 23?

You can do either, me personally would use vengeance and lunge until i hit level 70+ then transition into it.

Hey… was getting a little frustrated with the Plague Void Knight build - totally unable to get the right gear affixes after easily 50h play in mono - so I thought I would revert to this build and see how it faired instead.

Transitioned at lvl 90 so it was relatively easy re passives etc. Had all the idols in stash so that was easy and I gambled the ammy (easily). Using the best gear I could find to achieve the same or better defs than you have and just over 100 for CA & GB, Set affixes for protection stacking and a lucky 2h sword drop.

I have cleared all the mono bosses except the final one with this build (Mono Lagon was no trouble at all) and I find something that is an upgrade gear wise in virtually every play session - which makes it much more enjoyable to play than the Plague VK.

Not doing very well in Arena - only just got into the late 70s, but still got 8 more sentinel levels and better gear to find. Figure a few more stacks in defence and I should be able to improve on that.

Thanks for another great build…