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I’ve played on W10 x64 and now I’m on Arch Linux 5.1.15-arch1-1-ARCH, both having a good performance on a Asus GL703GE with Nvidia 1050ti, some random shuttering here and there and when you level up the effect freezes the screen for half a second or so, but nothing out of the ordinary.

The game is smoother than it was on the demo so I think you will only improve from now on.


I’ve searched in the forums for the small modification I would like to see implemented but I didn’t find it anywhere, but I think you should make the loot name when on the ground a bit bigger, it’s really small at the moment in my opinion.

Had a few more but there are already some threads regarding most of the issues I wrote on my paper but there is no need.


How will the end game deaths be dealt with? I’ve seen many discussions regarding this but haven’t found any feedback about it.
I will just give my opinion with the experience I had with POE, I have reached level 86 during last league, I have a 1 year old kid I need to take care of, so my time to play is very limited. I was getting frustrated with being 1 shot in some maps and being punished for 10% of my xp it just makes me not want to play, I invest the short time I have to achieve a higher level and then I loose it all in 2 or 3 deaths and some of them with lag spikes server side.

I think that is all for now, good luck and keep improving!

Hey there!

Thanks for the feedback.

Can I ask which resolution you’re playing at? It’d be useful to know this when looking at possible changes in response to your feedback regarding the size of item names.

While we do plan on having a death penalty, we don’t expect one-shots to be common at release (unless you specifically choose a glass cannon build). We’re sensitive to the potential for a perceived punishment to feel unfair if you didn’t make a mistake, but we’ve also seen games where the lack of a death penalty can be quite unhealthy for the game.

Hello and thank you for your reply. I am currently playing with 1920x1080 fulscreen window, I have attached a screenshot as an example. the size is probably normal but I think it would be better if it was a little bigger.

Regarding the death penalty I understand, maybe after 2 or 3 deaths in the same event /zone would have a 5~10% penalty

Thank you.

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