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Death's New Look: Upcoming 3d Armour Models for the Acolyte


Well, we can’t be sure about the way she… hm… recruits her skellies :slight_smile: .


Worst take so far and not even remotely funny.


Thanks for the feedback, everyone!

As always, we’ve been reading your feedback with interest and discussing how we might be able to act on it. I’d like to clarify that anything in this post was created very recently - we started getting this feedback less than 24 hours ago, after all - and is thus non-final.

With that disclaimer out of the way, we have been experimenting with making the bottom half of the Acolyte’s new set longer. Here’s a video to show how it looks from every angle;

The art team have been discussing how best to rig such a design. Making the cloth longer does result in clipping issues being more prevalent than they previously had been.

Do you prefer the modified version or original? Does either design better suit the theme of the Acolyte class? Any other thoughts? We’d love to know what you think!

A rear close-up of a variant with longer cloth.


This looks alot better than the first one, good job. I would still hope for male gender for all classes available.


+1 for the longer robe design. I think it suits the acolyte perfectly


It does look nice, I do prefer it that way.

But i wouldn’t value clippin over design :confused: Depends.

But looks nice! Great art team ! :sunglasses:


100% better this way.


Much better :sunglasses:


This looks really nice! good job.


I like both designs to be honest.

The first one gives me more of an outcast, unkempt witch kind of vibe (Beatrix?). The longer one has more of a refined vibe.

The beauty of having multiple armor models for different types now means you don’t need a one size fits all design. I think the shorter one makes for a better starter/low tier armor than the later.

If technical design is a limitation, it may be a better use of time to create an illusion of length, rather than actual length. Some examples: leggings, taller boots, longer tail, leg slits in skirt. If it creates clipping issues, it also means the clothing would be hard to move in, which is something to consider from a realism perspective.

As a side note I find tail fabric physics fascinating in games, and IRL.


Looks much better, thanks for putting in the effort.


Looks a lot better! :clap::clap::clap:


This one looks much better, I really like the longer garments.


Better! Look great! :+1:


I’m with @GeoGalvanic here. Both are great :smiley:


I prefer the longer robe, great job guys!


The longer robe looks more appropriate for protection. But the short version could be a good fit for a lower tier armor.

Knees can be sinister after all.


It looks nice. But I like the shorter one better. Atm the Acolyte already has a short skirt and it is absolutely fitting the style.

What about implementing both regarding what kind of armor somebody is using?


looks good!


I would add some muscles. A terrible skinny xD