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Crafting fractures are far too common

I really, really fucking hate crafting in this game. I want to love it. On paper it’s a fantastic idea, and it’s beautifully customizable , moreso than any other arpg out there. . .but I’m so fucking tired of what I’m trying to craft shattering consistently above 80%. I just had a simple pair of Engraved Gloves fracture, I used a Rune of Cleansing with a Glyph of Stability, to wipe them clean. They had 2 instability. 98% success rate. They fractured ON THE FIRST ATTEMPT. They’re fucking fractured AND grey. WTF

I understand the need to keep 4 T5 stats from being too common. I don’t want items to not break. What I want is for the fractures to be the exception and not the norm. Last night I had two 20% gold rings fracture on the second attempt.
One thing I hate in a game, is completely wasting my time. Instant fractures are a way of saying, “Fuck you. We don’t respect the players’ time or money.” It takes time to collect useable bases. Decent bases. Then on one crafting session for a new character, they all get wiped out due to constant fractures. It’s not fun. It’s not good. It’s a waste of my time. Now, I have to waste money, that took time to get, and gamble mediocre bases, just so i have a temporary placeholder, until I can find something good, and make another shitty attempt at crafting. Not fun.

This crafting system NEEDS to be tweaked. A lot. It’s current state is unacceptable. Especially for those of us with horrible game RNG. I’m submitting this as a bug report, because it should be, even though it’s more feedback.

There’s so much great material in this game, and it’s so polished compared to other games that have been “fully released”. But the crafting system is abysmal.

Mike is looking into this.

Yeah I did see that in the Feedback thread on this subject. He said it 3 months ago. Then 5 days ago told you oops, I forgot. I’ll look into it. Meanwhile, the system is broken. I just want a chance at AVERAGE gear even. I can barely achieve that. I break so many items just to get some mediocre stats. It’s not fun, and it’s unbearably frustrating. I have to take a break until they fix it, because it’s too broken to play imo.

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I’m still running tests in different scenarios to try and find a problem. So far I have done a few million tests with all combinations of shards and glyphs. It’s a lot of tests. I’m getting near perfect distributions with automated testing. I’ve been running manual tests in the live version and so far after 200 crafts, I’m within 2% of theoretical. I did have several fractures at 85%+ estimated success rate. I’m not done looking at it but initial results indicate the displayed chance for success is accurate.

This isn’t where this conversation ends though. We are still expanding the crafting system and it will be getting updates that improve the functionality and feel of this fracturing system.


There’s been quite a bit of (constructive) discussion here if you hadn’t seen it.

Thanks for checking Mike.

Oh I’ve seen it :wink:


I have also done alot of testing with crafting and all of course on the live server and i recorded it, found the same conclusion the crafting is actually working as intended.

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If it’s “working as intended” it really needs to be tweaked.

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while i agree, a temporary solution i have found is always fracturing another item before enchanting on the one you want. Doesnt always work, but has helped me and others alot!

I was really trying to avoid the phrase “working as intended” because it’s not really. It doesn’t quite fit the role we want it to and we are still going to be making changes to it. I really just wanted to confirm that I don’t believe it has any major chance related bugs at the moment. It’s doing what it says it’s doing but I wouldn’t say working as intended.


Personally I find that sacrificing a goat before crafting helps. Or at least a small mammal like a mouse or a vole, though if it’s a smaller mammal you may need to do it while standing on one leg or getting your local Vestal Virgins to chant & burn incense to the Greek and/or Roman gods.

Edit: Personally I have my children dres up as the Vestal Virgins as my local chapter charges way too much.

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Thank you for taking the time to address this. It’s really appreciated! For now, I’ll just attempt builds that mostly use uniques and barely any crafting. Even this morning, trying to upgrade my Spriggan Form druid, I feel I’m just wasting time and materials with fractures after only 2 or 3 affixes. It’s honestly really discouraging.


I watched your video on this, and it’s a complete placebo effect! lol
You have no idea how many fractures I get in a row, even after only a few afixes.

Are you using any of the glyphs?

Yeah, stability to begin, then guardian.

I typically stability til 20%+, then guardian. If the item doesn’t make it past the 20% stress test, on to the next item I might craft!

Not a great way to go about it really, but for LE, this is my method. Do I like it? Not really. But in bounds with what I have to work with, this is enjoyable and well worth my time.

I don’t want to be on either team persay, as I feel the crafting could/should be tweaked (But I cannot fathom how they would do it). That being said, I also would be fine with it remaining as is. I know I’m a very small percentage of this group.

I ran a test on 12 items where i

  1. first ran Rune of Removal to take off an unwanted stat (well most of time it took one of the ones i still wanted :wink:)
  2. then used a Glyph of Stability to add a new affix

in 8 of 12 cases the item fractured on the very first roll which had between 85% and 95% instability.

If any @ehg_staff read this can someone please check if this is working correctly because this little sample seems way off the mark.

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I used a Rune of Cleansing on a 4 affix yellow, shitty stats, but the base implicits were perfect. . .it fractures. . .ON THE CLEANSING! I was left with a fractured white item.