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Beta 0.7.0f Patch Notes


Thanks for all your hard work. :smile_cat:


Awesome work guys,

This is along the lines of what I thought Diablo 3 could be. We see that you are dedicated group of guys :slight_smile: Thank you for the hard work.


Loving it! Can really tell that y’all hear the community loud and clear… especially when it counts to the respec changes for the beta version!

Keep up the good work!! =)


I really hope this new installer works. I’m only able to steal moments for gaming these days. So it was rather disappointing when I would have to leave for work and Applying diffs (2xxx/35xx) was the best I had been able to achieve in an hour. Love the game, and the dedication of the dev team. The frequent patching and slow process was a little rough.


Amazing patch! I already made multiple mages because I couldn’t pay the respec gold hehe! Thanks amazing and so fast.


Thanks a lot, that really fucks my spellblade right up the ass. Trying to make progress on HC was hard enough before, as a HC only player this is frustrating


THX Guys for the quick fixes!




The fact that these patches are released so regularly makes me feel super optimistic for Last Epoch. It’s fantastic to see developers with a sense of humour and a passion for their game that comes through in their work. Loving the game and all of your hard work! :slight_smile:


The Ward nerfs are definetly justified, thanks. Sorcerer shouldnt have access to far more EHP than other classes.


Late to the party. Hey ho!


Great work as usual!


Thanks for another patch!

Respec cost cap is great (atleast during Beta, where things have a tendency to change alot and often), after beta… i’m up for either sort of respec cost.

Another teleport nerf… ah well… from 10% to 4% per point is still a big nerf though.

Nice to see a new affix.
Rahyeh’s Light… did not even know it did that O.O good thing it’s fixed :slight_smile:


Man you guys are on fire please keep up the fantastic work can’t wait till your game is the shiz and every hater sees it :slight_smile:


You all realize there are other superlatives, than awesome and amazing…such clone rangers kids these days…


Yeah, like “Wumbo!” :smile:


Awesome work!


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* Reverted an optimization change that unintentionally led to texture quality being greatly reduced at high settings in many cases.

Is this not the same bug where you have to change the resolution to anything else, then back to your desired resolution to get it to set? Because I still have to do that every time I start the game.

To be clearer, I have it set to 2560x1080. I start the game and everything is at what looks to be more of 1600x1024 quality. I change it to anything else, then back to 2560 and it finally looks right. Repeat every time I start the game, or even change characters without fully closing out.


No; that is a different issue.