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Arena keys for the casual player

totally new player to the game, so i’m still learning a lot of it, but once i finally got to where i could do monolith runs, i was REALLY looking forward to getting keys. however… i had to run 12 maps before one FINALLY dropped for me. add up that average time. yeah. needless to say, i was and still am disappointed in how rare they seem to be as a drop.

You need to run 5 in a row…It’s a guaranteed drop after 5. And again every 5 with a small chance to drop on every run after 5 in between.

Ok I just have to say this…Not to be a jerk or anything but if you’re finding the mechanics of finding arena keys challenging then you probably aren’t ready for the arena anyways:P Especially if you’re dying in monolith runs more than some freak accident. In that case you absolutely shouldn’t be doing the arena.

The arena is hard. Extremely hard if you don’t know what you’re doing. Its probably best you gained the experience/gear from the additional maps you had to run.

As to the topic itself. I don’t believe game developers should cater every aspect to the casual player. If you’re so casual as to find arena key acquirement difficult, then perhaps you shouldn’t do the arena. I understand its early on and there’s not all that much to do, but later on you can simply do something else.

You don’t even need to run them in a row now. Last time I loged in I was at Monolith lvl 9, did one run and got a key. It looks like you can do the runs whenever you like and get a key every 5 missions.

Yea it saves your progress now:) Guess I shouldve just said do 5 monoliths with one character. Don’t think it carries over to your other characters though:P

It don’t carry over. But you can do 2 runs on monday then 2 runs friday and the fith run on saturday and get a key if you only have 30 minutes time to play over one week ^^ and you still get a key :D.

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