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[0.7.10c] Heavy'z Casual Loot Filters for all Classes v1.4

Hey there.

I decided to work on some loot filters, for more casual players that don’t want to bother to much with the new Loot Filter that much.

Those Loot Filters are also a great template to create your personal Loot Filter.


What are those Loot Filters doing?

  • Hide all Items not for your class
  • Color all class-specific affixes (Body + Helmet + Idols) for your current Class
  • Only show the 2 most current base types of each item while leveling
  • Show the 3-5 highest base types for early endgame
  • Always shows Unique, Set and Exalted Items

Optional Features (you just need to tick the boxes for the already setup rules)

  • Show/Color all class-specific affixes for Body + Helmet [Pink one]
  • Show/Color all class-specific Idols [Turquoise one]
  • Show/Color all items with at least one T4 or higher affix regardless of class [Red one]

Those are usefull if you want to shatter rare class affixes or want to collect those relatively rares stuff for your alts

Easy steps to make this loot filter fit your specific build better (step by step images attached)

  • Add “Hide Rule” for all Weapon categories, you definitely do not want to use (e.g. Wands + Catalyst)
  • Recolor all important affixes for your build (like all minion affixes or certain damage types)
  • Put both of those rules at the very top of your Loot Filter (if you are not interested in collecting gear for alts, otherwise put it below the reclor rules)

I am happy to recieve feedback and suggestions for more stuff.

I am not sure if more advanced Loot Filters would be highly demanded, since i thought that people who want to have very specific stuff, will most likely figure out how the Loot Filters works properly by themselves.

But let me know if you would be interested in even more advanced Loot Filters and if so, what would you want from such Loot Filter?


Pastebin Links:
Heavy’z Casual Mage Loot Filter 1.4
Heavy’z Casual Primalist Loot Filter 1.4
Heavy’z Casual Sentinel Loot Filter 1.4
Heavy’z Casual Acolyte Loot Filter 1.4

Files v1.4:
Heavy’z Casual Loot Filter Mage.xml (32.7 KB)
Heavy’z Casual Loot Filter Primalist.xml (34.4 KB)
Heavy’z Casual Loot Filter Sentinel.xml (33.4 KB)
Heavy’z Casual Loot Filter Acolyte.xml (32.7 KB)

How to Import Loot Filter:
Method 1:
Copy xml files into root partition, most likely [C]:
C:\Users\User\AppData\LocalLow\Eleventh Hour Games\Last Epoch\Filters
Method 2:
Copy pastebin content -> In-Game Open Loot Filter (Shift + F) -> Select No Filter -> Import Filter -> Paste Clipboard Contents

Update History:

v1.1 (08.10.2020)

  • renamed to “Heavy’z Casual Loot Filter”
  • added: Hide All Normal Items (lvl 15+)

v1.2 (10.10.2020)

  • shifted “show uniques/set/exalted” to the very top, to prevent hiding those rarities for basestypes hidden in a rule above that
  • offset level dependency hide rules by 1 level, to prevent hiding to much loot when you are overleveled

v1.3 (13.10.2020)

  • Affix “Indigo” (Damage Dealt To Mana Before Health) was missing from class specific recoloring, because it was in a wrong category, which got fixed with 0.7.10b)
    Now it’s included in Mage Class Filter Colouring (Blue) + Class Specific Recolouring for other classes (Pink)

v1.4 (16.10.2020)

  • Renamed some of the Rules, to clarify their function, with the new functionality added in [0.7.10c], making it easier for new user to quickly identify what the rules are doing

Thanks for this, pretty sure I can use these as a starting point and adjust as needed.

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Yeah, that is exactly what i was hoping for.

I am totally fine with people using my loot filter as a template.

Also of course recoloring my default colors etc will be done by most people i guess.

But if you have any base feedback, feel free to leave it here.

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Perfect! Exactly what I was waiting for! And damn, that was fast. Highly appreciated!! Thank you!

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@TheRealDeal @boredsilly

Not a big deal, but i already did the first change.

I added a hide rule to hide all normal items at lvl 15+

Files and xml’s are updated already, but should be easy to add yourselves too.

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from all the lazy people including me thank you so much! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for creating these, Heavy.

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Just had a thought - perhaps include the most recent game version you’ve updated them for in the thread title? It’s pretty obvious right now, but may become helpful in future.


I am happy to help everywhere i can. And i just figured there might be people a bit overwhelmed at first, so i wanted to give them a tiny jump start.

That is actually a good idea.
Thank you for suggesting. Will do that immediately.

Being lazy is ok sometimes. Perhaps you will get more familar with the loot filter and some day you can create your own from ground up or modify mine. For the time being i am happy to provide something useful for some folks.

Good hunt for loot!

Very nice effort @Heavy, i will be trying your casual mage filter, thanks.

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Just added “easy steps to make this loot filter fit your specific build better”

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Thanks, Heavy. I loaded the xmls and had a tinker.

They are a really good starting point and I learned how to adapt them to my needs without having to start from scratch.

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Really good job on the Loot Filter Heavy! Neversink 2.0 incoming :smiley:


New Version

v1.2 (10.10.2020)

  • shifted “show uniques/set/exalted” to the very top, to prevent hiding those rarities for basestypes hidden in a rule above that
  • offset level dependency hide rules by 1 level, to prevent hiding to much loot when you are overleveled

this is a life saver for me! thanks a bunch!

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great work on these! i adjusted mine to show all items with any of the new set affixes since i have barely found shards for them, and showed all idols with the ones for my class recolored to stand out (since i like to keep an eye out for rare affix idols for any class), otherwise these seem to be perfect for my needs. thanks for all your hard work! :smile:

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Sounds reasonable, because those set affixes are fairly new atm they are very valuable. But since i wanted this filter to stand the test of time as long as possible and be as generic as possible to allow easy customization i didn’t feel like adding those.

For the idols, i do have a recolor for class related idol, i just did them in the same color as the body/helmet class affixes, in case you didn’t notice, so you just need to change the color, if you want to have 2 different colors for idols and calss specific helmet/body affixes.

Anyway, thanks for the kind words.

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I have noticed in using your filter that it actually filters out Gold. That is annoying. You can still pick it up by walking over it. I just miss a lot of it by not seeing the words on the screen.

I also have no idea what is filtering it out.

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Thx for all the hard work dude, appreciate it!

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Lol… Not using Heavys filters but now you make me want to check my own in case the same is happening… Very odd that EHG would have included Gold in the filter… :thinking: