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Feedback and Suggestions

Please Post About Bugs in Bug Reports (3)

While posting a large amount of feedback as a First Impressions post can make sense, please do not include bug reports in threads posted outside of the Bug Reports section, as this makes it much harder for us to track th…

Controller Support Feedback ( 2 ) (27)

Hi, I played for a little bit today using an Xbox One controller. Overall, it feels pretty decent, but the right joystick for moving the mouse feels kind of wonky and slow. It’s sort of hard to aim skills on the fly and …

Master threads for passive ideas (3)

If you’ve got an idea for a passive node which you think would be a good addition to the game, we want to hear about it! We’ve created dedicated threads for this purpose. You can find them here; Acolyte Mage Primalist …

Life Leech too powerful (12)
An easy & quick Beastmaster / Druid fix! (2)
Number of active skills ( 2 ) (21)
Visual HP bar ward damage color pet build need buff (1)
Ward and Fire Shield (as intended or broken?) (1)
Can we get a colorblind option please? (8)
Can't Access Arena (7)
Healing companions via mouseover on their portraits? (5)
Free respec (13)
Beta First Impressions (wall of text incoming) (6)
Lightning Blast rework ideas (8)
Chat Overlay (5)
Mouse Visibility (5)
Make "Howl" instant. (Summon Wolf) (3)
Another Item rarity (7)
My feedback after 50 hours of Void Knight gameplay until level 95 (10)
Movement in Last Epoch (12)
The problem of HS league ARPG's (1)
Tornado for primalist (5)
Let's talk about mouvments ! And stuff! (5)
SUPER In-Depth Story Feedback (3)
Lower tones in music and second currency. (5)
Level 82 Sorc, 35 hours play - review and feedback (20)
Meaty Feedback after 70+ hours (Arena, Skills, Monolith, Items, Monsters, wording, bugs, respec costs) (19)
Latest patch movement bug (1)
How do you feel about re-spawning areas? (2)
New Set items and legendaries? (1)