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Feedback and Suggestions

Poorly Telegraphed High Damage Abilities (15)

When playing ARPGs we’ve all had the experience of something that’s either hard to see - or, worse, a projectile created by an offscreen enemy - and your character consequently dying abruptly to damage you could not reas…

Controller Support Feedback ( 2 ) (33)

Hi, I played for a little bit today using an Xbox One controller. Overall, it feels pretty decent, but the right joystick for moving the mouse feels kind of wonky and slow. It’s sort of hard to aim skills on the fly and …

Please Post About Bugs in Bug Reports (3)

While posting a large amount of feedback as a First Impressions post can make sense, please do not include bug reports in threads posted outside of the Bug Reports section, as this makes it much harder for us to track th…

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