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Known Website Bugs - Please Post Website Bugs Here ( 2 ) (24)

When reporting bugs please do the following: Include any steps you believe may be necessary to reproduce the bug. Specify whether you used a phone or tablet when observing the bug. Include your Operating System, bro…

Bug Reporting Guide (1)

When should I make a thread? Before making a thread, use the forum’s search function. If you find a thread for your bug, leaving a reply is still helpful-- you may be able to provide more information, and knowing how wi…

Ladder (1)
Launcher tries to update latest version but stays idle at 38% and never starts (6)
Like button missing from post on the forums (3)
Blood Tether Debuff won't stop killing me (7)
Sound Bug (3)
Minions have 0 health regen after respec (9)
Elemental Nova: Ascended Current value incorrect (2)
Leaped out of bounds (1)
0.7.0h can't select skill after respec (1)
Crafting/Fracture Glitch (6)
Inventory/Crafting Bug - Items overlapping in inventory, can't stash mats (1)
Patch 0.7.0e Fractured items left and right at 85% sucess chance or higher (5)
Dropping items on ground and loot bug (8)
Druid's 'Regrowth' and 'Defense of the Heart' passives do not work (1)
Lich Passive 'DarkGuard' not providing any ward (2)
Beta 0.7.0H (Summon Frenzy Totem bug) (1)
Blood Sculptor - Harvest skill (Acolyte) (2)
Shield Rushing through the Environment (3)
Mage Black Hole passive not assignable when coming backwards (1)
Map error catacombs (missing part) (1)
Reaper cooldown bug (1)
Resolution setting changes ( 2 ) (22)
Sabertooth skill tree (1)
UI typo (1)
Golem keeps pusing enemys (4)
Avast treating Last epoch as threat after the 0.7.0h (1)
Chat filter Patch 0.7H (7)
Sane Cultist quest bug (1)