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Bug Reports

Specific Performance Issues Since Patch 0.7.2's Release (5)

Patch 0.7.2 features the largest graphics improvement ever released in a single patch. While we’ve optimized many of the additions and improvements already, we are still in the process of identifying and resolving poten…

Known Website Bugs - Please Post Website Bugs Here ( 2 ) (30)

When reporting bugs please do the following: Include any steps you believe may be necessary to reproduce the bug. Specify whether you used a phone or tablet when observing the bug. Include your Operating System, bro…

Bug Reporting Guide (1)

When should I make a thread? Before making a thread, use the forum’s search function. If you find a thread for your bug, leaving a reply is still helpful-- you may be able to provide more information, and knowing how wi…

Summon Bone Golem - Skill node issue (4)
Characters no longer appearing on ladder (9)
Current Character not updating on Ladders (3)
Acolyte Bone Prison 31 seconds cooldown? (5)
Teleported outside the map! (1)
Werebear Leap (2)
Game lags an insane amount for ~30 seconds when logging onto a character (14)
The most dangerous foe (2)
Holy Aura (2)
Bugged Monolith tile set (3)
Item gets stuck at crafting, glyph misplaced (1)
Fractured item vanished (1)
Shards reset to 1 when using filter (2)
Skill/Passives node search function breaks after pressing Escape (2)
Treasure in a Rock (2)
A graphical glitch i get quite often (10)
Inventory bug (3)
Reaper Form: Reaper's Mark (3)
Items vanished after game restart (with log file) (8)
Avalanche accessible too early? (7)
In Titans Canyon its possible to get stuck against the bottom wall near the exit (2)
Game keeps crashing on random loading screens (3)
Stuck on terrain at end of Titan's Canyon (2)
Game crash teleporting to end of time (12)
Complete Monolith On Death (1)
Stuttering/Lagging Fireball animation after allocating the SECOND point in Arcane Divergence (1)
Stuck under stairs in Great College (1)