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Known Website Bugs - Please Post Website Bugs Here ( 2 ) (24)

When reporting bugs please do the following: Include any steps you believe may be necessary to reproduce the bug. Specify whether you used a phone or tablet when observing the bug. Include your Operating System, bro…

Bug Reporting Guide (1)

When should I make a thread? Before making a thread, use the forum’s search function. If you find a thread for your bug, leaving a reply is still helpful-- you may be able to provide more information, and knowing how wi…

Abyssal echoes bug? (1)
Sabertooth Heavy Paws seems to not work properly (1)
Void Leech unlimited range (1)
Shaman, Elemental Shrines passive: adds 5 health per active totem, instead of flat 5 health (1)
Reaper Form Reap out of bounds Bug (1)
Sabertooth: path from Fury Swipes to Frenzy has 1 dot, but requires 2 points (1)
Crafting inventory bug (3)
Mob in Lake Liath spawning out of bounds (1)
Druid has same "Preview Passive" text as Shaman (1)
Beastmaster: The Chase - speed increases not shown in minion stats (1)
Summon Storm Totem: Stormrider node doesn't work (1)
Crafting Panel Pickup Bug (Lost Items/Incorrect Slots) (2)
Many small white graphical distortions on Linux (9)
Wandering Spirits halting my movement (2)
Sentinel - Rebuke does not seem to be gaining damage after the player takes a hit (2)
Shield Rush skill tree bug , hope fix fast (3)
Warpath - it seems ailments chance is not reduced by 50% (1)
Lich, Dance with Death - bonus is actually quadrupled on low life (1)
Necromancer Passive 'Crimson Gluttony' Not Working (4)
Destructibles Are Considered Enemies (2)
Lich Darkguard node doesn't work (1)
Pathing Issues (Multiple Videos Included) (1)
Spell Cast Animation Used When Skill Slot is Empty (1)
Typo in Necromancer Passive 'Life Eater' (1)
Shared Divinity - Proc Chance (1)
Holy Aura - Redemption and Vital Boon (1)
Non-targeted spells set to RMB are cast when selling items in shop (1)
Somehow I was able to start a new arena wave while the game was minimized (1)