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Known Website Bugs - Please Post Website Bugs Here ( 2 ) (31)

When reporting bugs please do the following: Include any steps you believe may be necessary to reproduce the bug. Specify whether you used a phone or tablet when observing the bug. Include your Operating System, bro…

Specific Performance Issues Since Patch 0.7.2's Release (5)

Patch 0.7.2 features the largest graphics improvement ever released in a single patch. While we’ve optimized many of the additions and improvements already, we are still in the process of identifying and resolving poten…

Bug Reporting Guide (1)

When should I make a thread? Before making a thread, use the forum’s search function. If you find a thread for your bug, leaving a reply is still helpful-- you may be able to provide more information, and knowing how wi…

Trapped in Scenery in Timeline Forlorn Streets (1)
Block scaling in Shield Throw (1)
Holy Aura - Vital Boon makes redemption passive not working (1)
Shield Throw cooldown bug (1)
Companion AI (3)
Map unresponsiveness (2)
Missing Mini-Map (3)
Negative Mana (4)
Two glitches discovered with spells: Glacier, Teleport (3)
Last Refuge - Chest (3)
[Linux] [0.7.2b] Graphic Flickering (1)
Chat? (7)
Monolith level incompletable (4)
Number of Affix Shards in Crafting window is incorrect (3)
[0.7.2b] Wrong malloc value in gpu settings (1)
[0.7.2b] Fury leap and obstacles (1)
Skill tree description for Teleports Mana Tunnel is wrong (1)
Anyone else noticing the damage for flame reave is wrong? (2)
Game keeps crashing on random loading screens (5)
Graphical issues in the Burning Forest (1)
Teleported outside the map! (2)
Heads up about 'The Waystation Complex' (1)
Aura of Decay (1)
Imperial welryn "out of bounds" (1)
Holy Aura "Shelter from the Storm" node is bugged (1)
Monster is bugged and won't die (3)
Double writing! (2)