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You've Been Judged (Build)

Here’s Your Build With Judgement Being used. 200+ waves

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Do you have any tips for leveling the build?

Use these skills first

Aim for this gear


I’ve been trying this build and I love it! Any tips how to get the amulet?

Oriens eye. Gamble the oracle amulet (level76+) and you will get one eventually

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Thanks and thanks for all your content, love your video’s! Great inspiration.

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With eventually being the key word there. It’s “extremely rare”.

Says the guy with 9 million + gold. :wink:

Farm some monoliths with the death seal lich and in under 50 hours of gameplay you can get 10 million gold :slight_smile:


I seriously wish I had that much time. I absolutely love the stuff you and several of the other builders/breakers/craft makers come up with. Like that recent mage build that electrocutes the crap out of anything on the screen. It’s amazing to see the type of synergy you guys all discover in the various skills.

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